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Social Day and April to the Vet

Whew! It was hot here again today! (Quite hot yesterday...)

So it wasn't that smart that June (my next-door neighbor) and I went across the street around 11:00 to their yard sale... (June and her husband Jim had come by the house to see the yard -- and for Jim to figure out if he could help me fix something in my bathroom. He's so nice that way!)

June headed home fairly soon, but I stayed and chatted with neighbor Ian for several hours. (Yes, hours. I'd never met and talked to him before, so I loved having the chance to do so.)

We're close to our neighbors and have a really 'tight' neighborhood!

Also saw William and his 12-year-old daughter Laura. Ran home to get her the bags of 'goodies' I've been saving for her for some weeks now! (Candy and jewelry and pens and pencils and so on. Things to warm the heart of most girls her age.) She still has to wear the protective helmet and seems slightly brain-damaged -- but really not bad at all! (She's the girl who was hit by a pickup up on Lombard some months back. Originally reported dead by the press! Then later it was rumored in the neighborhood that she died, too. Happily not so!)

Laura and I spent ages standing side-by-side hugging. She's a very affectionate girl and I'm just an affection person. I love hugging and seem to end up hugging everyone (a life-long practice). I'm not sure how I can even get away with it anymore in these 'politically correct' times when touching is so taboo. Yet I've never had a soul complain! In fact, people always seem to rush up to me for hugs and kisses! (Regardless of age or gender, I seem to hug and kiss so many people...) I don't know the story as to why Laura's mother isn't around, but it doesn't matter to me. I know that at one point another man was living with them, so perhaps William has a boyfriend, which is great by me! But as I'm a woman who loves gay men, I'll gladly be a fag hag and help fill in any female blanks in Laura's life...

Came home between 1:30 and 2:00 got affected by the heat! So had something to drink and sat in the cool working on a chapter of fanfic. At 2:00 I talked to sister Sue who was suddenly unable to take me to the vet appointment at 3:00. (Surprise, surprise!) So I called June who was glad to fill in.

Took April in and she'd lost a little more weight (poor angel), but at least got her the shot to hold her for another month. (At close to $30 a crack, it's quite spendy. sigh.) Talked with the tech who also had a cat who died of cancer. She had the same things going on, so it's nice to be able to touch base with someone who understands so well...

Marilyn was actually home between 5:30 and 6:00 (for a change!!!). I had dinner ready when she came through the door. (And, yes, cooked something hot.) She's now napping on the couch while I type this. I'll soon be reading and napping, too...

Thankfully her vacation starts tomorrow! She needs it so bad. She's been worn out and had some rough days at work this week. (She's not getting enough sleep, though you wouldn't know it to look at her! She looks fantastic!)

By the way, go and see her Profile page! I added up a wonderful picture of her yesterday. (I think it's stunning, personally!) For whatever reason, she's finally having me (and others) make her some icons with her own pictures. I can't see why not! She's so attractive... (And neither of us works very hard at being anonymous here, the way many others do. We used to, but what the hell. I guess we've gotten past that...)

Nap time! (Hope I can read several pages before I nod off...)

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