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Progress With New Computers? Yes...

I'm learning things about the Windows 7 OS pretty quickly, actually! I hate 'grouping' on the taskbar, for example, and have learned how to eliminate it. I've got a double-wide taskbar set up, with 'small' icons/buttons that works well. I've change the desktop view and have loaded my own wallpaper (not as easy as it used to be, by the way).

Both Marilyn's and my emails have been moved (woo hoo) -- and that's a big deal! Kris spent hours on that today... Kris missed my address book (!!!) somehow, though he did get Marilyn's moved over. Happily, I got my own to move, finally.

We took the password off our WiFi when we had issues connecting (shades of how this went back when I tried to set up a pw) -- and we're going to live with it, I think. Too much time was wasted spent on that as it is!

Microsoft Office 2003 is installed on both computers -- and I still intend to install 2007, as well. I have NoteTab Pro on mine and my FTP, so I'll be able to keep working on various websites (which is pretty essential). I've also got Paint Shop Pro 9 installed on both, though I need to move some custom items over still (tubes and brushes, etc.).

Most importantly, we got Zuma (!!!) installed on both computers -- and were able to keep all our former saves (high scores, etc.), as well! We're both pleased.

These new computers are FAST and big -- literally! You should see the size of these big, black (Darth Vader-ish) towers! Yikes! (I need to take pictures to share.)

Anyway, I've barely scratched the surface of everything I need to install, much less what needs to be moved. And the home network is not set up yet. I'm using Remote Desktop to go between our old computers and the new ones. It's not perfect, but seems to work okay.

I've had to physically move our two desks over and over and over again. Each tower has a keyboard and mouse attached right now -- with the monitors fixed to the new machines. It's a little bit confusing right now! And I finally got our speakers on the new towers -- and both seem to have amazing sound.

As for our PSSCA event this evening, we both survived -- BARELY. We were exhausted after, though I was too wound up about the new computers to rest when Marilyn dozed.

She had the movie "Salt" on, so I did watch (and enjoy) that. But directly after I was back in the office working away. The more I stick to it, the sooner we'll be good to go, after all!

Marilyn and I were just talking about how much harder it seems to do these home machines than all the IT I face every single day (almost) for the festival. I don't know why that's true, but it's a good thing I CAN face the stuff at the festival! Even Marilyn has no idea how much of it I do day-to-day -- and she knows more than anyone else does. It's ENDLESS. Sometimes it's a bunch of little things, but even those little things add up. And other times it's one major thing after another -- on and on. Usually it doesn't wear me down (good thing!), but there are days...

I'm rambling now! I need to download the PSSCA photos (and video) that I took, so they can go up at the website (and Social Media -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). I need to edit the video together (it's three chunks) and see what I can come up with (hopefully this weekend). It was nice of Sue B. to attend (Marilyn only invited her yesterday). She's such a great person and good friend...

Well, I'm beat and it's bedtime! Good night, all!

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