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SPAM at LiveJournal. (sigh)

I don't get WHY people want to SPAM blogs here at LiveJournal!

The festival has a 'story blog' here, where during our Centennial year we shared the collected stories of tons of various people (along with photos). This thing gets SPAM comments usually on a monthly basis. Comments that I immediately delete. As I'm the only one who gets the notifications, I suspect no one else ever sees the content of these comments (no one has ever mentioned it to me), so if the spammers are hoping to actually reach an audience, I think they'd be sadly mistaken...

Interestingly enough, none of these comments are the Russian SPAM that goes around other blogs. Last week I had to delete some really offensive pornographic comments and entries that were Russian for some communities I help maintain/moderate.

Usually people remove the SPAM immediately, so I don't get the point. How many people are they really reaching in the few minutes that any of this crap is visible? Email SPAM makes little sense to me, either, but I must admit it makes more sense than blog SPAM...

These people are insensitive pigs and totally disgust me, by the way -- no matter where they're sending their SPAM. Every now and then a seemingly legitimate firm sends out SPAM advertising (especially true for the various festival emails, of which I get many aside from my own account). Do they really think (!!!) that we'd EVER use a firm that SPAMS us??? Seriously, even if they had a miracle product or service, I'd NEVER hire them or buy from them if they contacted me via SPAM.

But think about it: Somebody out there must respond to it, or why would they keep on using this method? If it always failed 100% of the time, no one would bother...

That means that ultimately we are responsible for SPAM to some degree. Part of the problem is even opening it. The best answer is always to delete without viewing/opening.

Well, I'll continue to remove community entries and comments that are SPAM, as quickly as I can. Because there's no way I'm helping them out with their advertising crap. I'm glad LiveJournal lets us mark this stuff as SPAM when we delete it, because hopefully that means they dump these people who create accounts for the purpose of SPAMMING us. Of course, much of it is anonymous, so there's little anyone can do about that!

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