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Setting Up the New Computers

Today was primarily devoted to having Kris here to help me set up our new computers here at home...

He brought over a new router (with three antennas), which he had to set up with our modem (router) from Qwest (never easy, by the way). Then he set it up to be locked with a password, but we're having the same issues I faced trying to do that -- and our laptops are not connecting as they should. (sigh)

Marilyn had her laptop with her at work, so she tried it when she got home and couldn't connect. She'd prefer to unlock it again, rather than mess with any settings on her computer. I hear that, so I'll discuss it with Kris tomorrow...

We didn't actually start on the new computers yet, time being limited. But he was originally supposed to be tied up tomorrow, and is now going to be able to be here. We'll see how it goes!

My many 'worry' is about transferring our email over. He seems sure it will be no problem, so we'll see! I hope that's true and it goes smoothly.

Anyway, we have a PSSCA event tomorrow night, so I need to figure out what the heck I'm wearing (it's dressy). Marilyn plans to wear what she wore to the Auction in October, but I don't think I want to do that...

I'm mainly there to take photos (especially for use at the website). I hope I get some decent shots!

Anyway, I hope we can get the important stuff done on our new computers tomorrow. I can move the data and install the software myself, of course -- once Kris has worked his magic. (And I could probably do the email move, too -- I just don't want to. I've done it before, and it's a BITCH to do.)

My ears were crackling today. (ugh) I'm better, but clearly not 100% over the vertigo, for whatever reason. I think this time it's tied to my recent 'bug' and being congested -- which can get into my ears (and is probably how I got vertigo in the first place).

What else?

Marilyn and I are really looking forward to the three-day weekend! Can't wait. (We're almost counting down the hours.) We have some errands we need to do, but hope to spend most of the time doing NOTHING but relax and rest! (woo hoo)

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