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Long, Tiring Day.

Marilyn didn't get home from work until past 9:00 p.m. (She had a pretty annoying day, with no break.)

I worked here at home until she arrived, then fixed us tomato soup and baby chicken sandwiches (on buns) for dinner. Of course, she didn't eat until AFTER she did the treadmill. I sat reading and watching TV and waited to eat when she did.

She's now washing her hair, while I type this.

I lifted and carried and moved heavy things much of the day -- when I wasn't doing IT things for the festival via Remote Desktop, that is. (Or working on written updates to various computer policies at work...) I need to give information to Rosanna as soon as possible for the auditors. (I'm still STUNNED by how messed up they had things from my various interviews with them last year! What gives with that???)

I'm dead beat and sore all over. I can't wait to have a nap!

I did get one break -- when sister Sue took me grocery shopping today. I got milk and chicken and ingredients to make more Curry Noodles, along with a few other items. (Part of my heavy lifting, actually!) We sat for a few minutes and had salad and soda -- it was nice.

I think I'm somewhat ready (???) for Kris to come tomorrow and help me set up our new computers. Anyway, I hope so! I'm nervous about it, but it will hopefully go well and not take more than a couple of hours.

Then I need to do most of the work, installing all our software applications, etc. (yikes) I don't plan to be done tomorrow, so I'm trying not to get too worked up about it!

Anyway, I can really use some rest. Most of the garbage and recycling are done, happily, and I also took time to put away the last of the Christmas boxes, along with doing some rearranging in the utility room. (More of my heavy lifting.)

And that was MY Wednesday! How was YOUR day? (smile)

Hard to decide between 'busy' and 'tired' for my mood! Maybe 'sore and tired' is more to the point... But what about 'busy'???

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