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Another Busy IT Day at Work -- and Welcome Aimee!

No, I'm not 100% over my vertigo (sigh), but I went to work anyway -- mainly because Aimee (our new Seasonal Receptionist) started today!

It was also Executive Board this morning, meaning Marilyn dropped me off across the street and I walked over to the office as she headed to the meeting. I was the only one in the office for ages, as this was before 7:30 a.m.

The orientation -- and my IT projects -- did not go as planned. Surprise! (smile) I ended up with the usual 'IT Emergencies.'

This included Angel not being able to get on the network -- the switch he connects to had been bumped, which is serious stuff, considering how sensitive and expensive those switches are. I need the cleaning people to simply not vacuum that area (and as the very expensive video computer equipment is right there, too, that's a very good idea). Got Angel working again, anyway.

Chris hasn't had his email forwarding to his cell phone since January 4. I was working on this one several times during the day -- and it did NOT get resolved. The issue is on Verizon's end, not ours. But the question is how much of Kris' time to put into it, when Chris is due to replace his old cell with a new one! (This included a meeting with Jeff, Chris and me. Chris actually meets with Verizon tomorrow, by the way...)

Lilia's computer is working (thanks to Kris from last week), but it had not been set up the way I like them set up -- so I needed to work on that today (and didn't know it). That's now done.

When trying to get Aimee's (operator) Shoretel phone set up, I had issues -- this ended up needing to be resolved by Kris. Inflow is our phone company, and currently we don't have a service contract with them for 2011. I'm annoyed that I can't set up new profiles on phones, which was something I always did with the old phone system! This shouldn't require Kris, but does. Anyway, I spent ages on phone setup (back end stuff with the phone server), as I am the one who does all of that. Then he did the install of the computer application that interacts with our VOIP phones. (sigh)

We also had our usual Tuesday Staff meeting (10:00 - 11:00, generally), and Communications Meeting 11:00 - whenever). Marilyn and I did work in a quick break to get food at one point, as well (drove out and straight back, eating in the car).

Marilyn had originally planned to leave by 3:00 p.m. This was partly about the expected bad weather (supposedly due late afternoon and to include snow and/or freezing rain), and partly a reflection of the fact she never leaves early, no matter how early she comes in! (I'd love to see her do that now and then, the way others do...)

Rosanna is sick and was out again today (yesterday, too). Ross was in working with the video computer for hours today.

I love Aimee! Good hire, Ashley! I never got to finish her computer training, but am not at all worried about her using the computer, even so. She seems to really get the computer AND the phones -- and she was already answering phones almost immediately! (woo hoo)

Ashley is moved back to her season spot (back near Marilyn), ready to do her Events job once Aimee is totally trained. Aimee is now set up on the front computer at the reception desk. The second computer there is set up in a generic fashion for anyone helping with phones, which would include the intern (interns???) that will be working there -- but also any phone relief people.

Right now both Ashley and Laura are still set up in the Operator hunt group for phones, but hopefully that will change soon.

Kris, Marilyn and I discussed computer equipment, which always weighs on me this time of year! If the capital budget passes (on February 10) -- which it should -- we'll be getting a new server (!!!) and three new computers (!!!) at that time. The rest of the budget passed this morning, by the way. (woo hoo)

The new computers will go to Ashley, Laura and me. My current computer will go to Kristen (who is leaving -- so to her SPOT, anyway). Rich is getting one of the Gateway computers from the IT room -- his current computer will go the the PR intern (which is where it was last year). Laura's current computer will go on-site for CityFair (formerly WFV) and be her computer there (that's quite an on-site upgrade). Ashley's current computer will be bumped to an intern. Kristen's current computer will be bumped to an intern.

This means I know right now that three interns will have good equipment. One was there last year, but the other two are better than last year. Now I need to evaluate what's on the floor right now for interns -- and what we have left downstairs and in the IT room -- and figure out the other three intern spots, plus two more computers to go on-site for CityFair.

Obviously this means we have to wait a little over four weeks to get the new equipment and make switches. Rich will be switched next Tuesday (and get his duel monitor setup). Ashley, Laura and I will all get duel monitors.

We might even be able to take some of the really old (read 'bad') computers out of service this year, which would be a miracle! (woo hoo)

Some strong statements about equipment were made in Staff meeting (mostly by Marilyn). Hopefully people get it that we're a non-profit and doing the best we can with the equipment we have! And that it's amazing what we're able to do with the small amount $$$ we have (and our limited IT budget).

Yeah, this is pretty boring if you don't like hearing a lot of IT details! I totally get that. I was basically running from one computer to another all day long. That's not strange for me, though, as I do that almost every time I'm in the office!

My neck pain and headache made it harder than usual, though -- reflections of the vertigo I've been fighting for a few days. Right now I'm sitting her gently rolling my neck to ease the pain. (sigh) I'm glad I'm able to work even with symptoms and pain, and that I don't have to deal with passing out cold the way my friend (and Board Member) Frank does when he has vertigo issues... It wasn't perfect, but it could certainly be worse, I know.

I hear freezing rain falling outside right now. It's supposed to moderate in the middle of the night (possibly as early as midnight), so there's no issue for the morning commute. I certainly hope so! Marilyn has a trip to Spirit Mountain tomorrow, to plan an upcoming event there next week (do an on-site walk-through). I was just hollering back and forth across the street to my neighbor Rose. Cars driving on the street seem to be doing okay, so maybe it's not that bad.

Sister Sue (and Nicole) came by earlier with spaghetti pie from Candy. I'm finally cooking it. Marilyn and I will either eat it tonight when it's ready, or keep it for tomorrow night... (It smells WONDERFUL, I have to tell you!)

Okay, I started this around 9:00 p.m., and it's now around 11:30! I went off to do other things and didn't finish up, which I need to do now.

Marilyn did the treadmill (go, her), I finished cooking and did some cleaning in the office (moving a piece of equipment and dusting and whatever). We watched an old episode of "Glee" that we hadn't seen before (those amazing voices!). Freezing rain has been coming down, but it's supposed to moderate any second now (hopefully true).

Tomorrow? I need to get ready to have Kris over to work on our NEW home office computers -- at long last! These are going to be awesome things, so I'm excited to be finally getting started. It's going to take days (and days) to get all the software installed and so on (my job), but he's doing the IMPORTANT stuff -- moving our EMAIL, setting up our router and home network.

I'm also looking into Sandboxie as a way to deal with 'suspect' software applications, like games we download, etc. There's a fee involved (of course), but we're thinking it's a good way to protect our computers from the get-go.

And that's it for today!

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