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Marilyn WON! (woo hoo)

I found this out last night, by total accident -- and I was so excited!

Marilyn WON the fanfic writing contest she's been participating in for months (since last August)!

I'm so happy for her. Of course, I might be biased (!!!), but she's an amazing writer, and I think she really deserved to win. She never took a 'skip' for any challenge even once, which means she ended up producing 10 different fics in this fandom -- a cool feat!

Originally I wasn't sure how long she'd last doing this, but I'm proud of her that she stuck it out for the entire thing (almost half a year, mind you). Even when life was crazy both at work and at home, she still managed to meet the deadlines.

She's such an example for me in my life. I can't tell you how much she inspires me, day-to-day. And she taught me almost everything I know about writing, I'm proud to admit.

For whatever reason, she hasn't had much success in writing contests. I find this ridiculous, considering the QUALITY of her writing, which is stunning. She has forgotten more about good writing than most authors will ever know -- a good thing, considering all the writing she's required to do professionally! We had another interesting discussion about how people use punctuation as she was voting for this recent group of challenges. The average writer makes so many mistakes with commas -- and almost no one knows how to use a semicolon!

Oh, that's another thing: She didn't just take part in all the challenges. She also made a point to vote every time. Voting meant she read every fic submitted, then wrote up careful notes on WHY she had voted the way she did. Voting wasn't a requirement for participants (though we both felt it should be), so often there would be twice as many, or three times as many fics as people voting (!!!) -- because casting votes took time and effort. I commend her for not only voting for the challenges she was involved in, but for doing so for other communities being run by the same moderator, as well.

I think most of us can't commit our time to any projects these days. We might get excited and say we're going to do something, but when our ardor cools, we drop out and don't give it another thought. Life commands a lot of attention, and it's hard enough to meet work deadlines and make sure our personal time isn't nuts. Just saying you will do something -- and then actually doing it? That's a win right there!

Anyway, I can't think of a more deserving winner, for so many reasons! (And she got every vote in the final challenge, by the way!) You ROCK, Marilyn! (woo hoo)

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