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Lazy Day...

Marilyn and I stayed up late and slept late -- and then napped, as well. A truly lazy day!

And we finally had our "Jeopardy" marathon (with homemade popcorn!) -- even if we only watched four episodes we'd recently missed.

I ate the last of the curry noodles -- but am thinking I'll make more soon!

And we ordered "The Keys of the Kingdom" (with Gregory Peck) from Amazon.

Also, I've been downloading a ton of FREE books from Gutenberg.Org -- including "Little Men" and "Eight Cousins" -- two books I've loved since childhood! And the sequel to "Eight Cousins" that I didn't even know existed until today (!!!). Yeah, I love Gutenberg.Org. I did a bunch of free books from Amazon, but I'll never pick them over Gutenberg.Org again, believe me... (Kindle! I love you!)

Neither of us feel all that great, still -- but it hasn't kept us from WORKING hard all week. So it was nice to have a day of relaxation.

Tags: 2011, amazon, books, food, gutenberg-dot-org, january-2011, jeopardy, kindle, marilyn, movie, reading

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