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Still Packin' Up Christmas (sigh). And I've Got My Replacement Kindle!

Marilyn (sweet thing that she is) took time out of her SUPER-busy day to drive home and bring me my replacement Kindle, which arrived at the office today! For the record, that's much sooner than I'd been told on the phone when I arranged for it (they'd said January 12 or 13). (woo hoo)

Of course, the process of putting all my Amazon-purchased books back on the Kindle? Can you say pain-in-the-ass? Wow, I had no clue how long that would take! (yikes)

I just checked and I STILL can't read all the books. WTF??? Color me angry. I just wrote a HUGE email post to Amazon about this, trying to remain calm. But come on! I want my books back.

You're KIDDING me. It looks like it's my Collections that are screwed up -- and not the actual books. I guess I have to create them entirely over again, from scratch.

I can't face this. I just can't. They need a better system. I'm too tired to mess with it now.

I'm taking a nap. Screw you, Kindle. (I never thought I'd say that!)

ETA: Okay, I'm calm. I've cooled off. I can be a little more reasonable. Crack the top of this entry up to me still being slightly sick, decidedly tired and not in the mood for the process. I tried to use my own backup, initially, which didn't work. I created Collections before finishing the process. I was trying to use items in those Collections, but basically it was like clicking a link to the wrong version of a software on your computer (been there?) -- and you need to get rid of the 'bad' link and start over.

I ended up with duplicates and confusion and finally have myself where I need to be. Now I'll go and start over with my Collections -- then we'll see what's what. Seriously, this is more about me than the Kindle -- even if I do think they need an easier way to restore what you started out with.

I can only imagine how annoyed I'd be if I had hundreds and hundreds of books to restore! (yikes) Anyway, my love affair with Kindle hit a bumpy moment, but I'm over it. We're back to our honeymoon. (grin)

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