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Wednesday 'To List' -- Going Better Than Expected!

I started this day with a HUGE 'To Do' list (which I mentioned yesterday). No, I did NOT go back to bed and sleep, as I'd considered doing. I got in and got busy and really didn't find time for it!

To Do List

1. Take down the outside tree and box it up. DONE

2. Take down the Christmas tree, box up and store away. DONE

3. Pack up Christmas. ???

4. Cook Curry Noodles -- for us AND for Sue, Candy and Nicole. (Give pots of noodles to Sue for her house.) DONE

5. Grocery shop (for cooking ingredients). DONE

6. Take Henry to the vet (with Marilyn at 2:00 p.m.). DONE

7. Color hair. ???

8. Work on festival website. ???

9. Work on PSSCA website. TONIGHT: When Marilyn gets home

10. Do garbage and recycling (cat boxes, etc.). Started -- must be finished!

11. Start setup on new desktop computers. NOT HAPPENING

12. Do load of dishes. ??? (Hopefully sometime today...)

(Why I can't get that list to format the way I want is BEYOND me today... sigh...)

I could probably add to this list, but I'll stop there. That's plenty -- an even dozen. Note that I also had to lift some heavy stuff (the boxed Christmas tree and furniture that went back after moving it), plus carrying the bags of groceries (last night revisited). Once more I'm pretty done in...

I'd forgotten how long Curry Noodles take. I generally get on cooking sprees, especially in autumn and winter. I did do some cooking during autumn, but we've just been so busy -- and I've been so tired -- that it's been hard to get up for it. However, Sue and Candy both consider this a huge treat, and have been asking for it for months. Seriously! So it's about time I made them...

Now that Marilyn and I have taken Henry to the vet (she's back at work by now), if I can do a just a little bit more (!!!) I should get that nap (!!!) I've been wanting. I'm decidedly feeling better today, so a nap might help keep me stay that way. (I don't feel as sick, but I do feel really tired.)

And I MUST go to work tomorrow, as I have a new person starting (yeah, I've mentioned it before) who needs computer orientation. (Basically, nobody touches a computer in our office until they've had this computer session with me. So she can't use her computer until I've had my talk with her.)

Well, back to work! The sooner I'm done (at least with the garbage and recycling), the sooner I nap!!! (woo hoo)

I'll give the Henry report (after seeing his vet) later.

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