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Sick. Yes, Pretty Much in Bed This Time...

I'm running a fever and feel like crap. I was supposed to go to work, but didn't. Marilyn will take me in this evening to set up the computers that MUST be in place by Thursday... (sigh)

She didn't want me spreading germs around the office, which makes sense. That's supposed to be our policy, not that we follow it all that well. (smile)

I took Meclizine, because I wanted to sleep and was having trouble doing so because of being achy and restless. (One of the major side effects of Meclizine is that it makes you VERY SLEEPY. It was the first thing my doctor warned me about years ago when prescribing it, and that's very much the case for me. It's one of the reasons I've always avoided taking it, actually...) The amusing thing? I woke up and found Henry's ROPE on top of me! He clearly rope-a-doped right ON ME without waking me up!!! How funny is that???

The only times I got up all day before that, the furnace was running non-stop. It was set to 66°, and having a devil of a time getting the house up to that. Supposedly we're warmer today outside, but tell that to my poor furnace.

Meclizine also takes away my appetite, so all I've had to eat today was half a small bag of Cheetos. Actually, I wanted toast, but we're out of bread right now. I was too lazy to mess with anything else, so... (I couldn't do cereal, because I need to avoid milk just now.)

It's now late afternoon and I'm forcing myself to sit up to the computer in my home office and work on the festival website. I have several changes I need to make, so I'm trying to code them. Marilyn and I talked while she was driving to (finally) get our car serviced and told me I should just let myself sleep, but as I told her, these things are hanging over my head right now, so I prefer not to do that...

It's going to take hours to do the car, so I hope she can get WiFi okay there. Her plan is to work on her story (due tomorrow) while she waits. I was supposed to go along, so I feel bad about that, but whatever.

I also feel bad about the News item that did NOT get up on the festival website Home page as planned (!!!), but I have no excuse. Frankly, the end of 2010 was pretty much CRAP for both Marilyn and me, and we did the best we could just hanging on. So without being prompted about it, this just fell off our radar, even though I'd promised it would happen end of year. Whatever. I should feel really bad about it, but I just feel numb. If I had remembered it, I'd have done it, of course. As it is, it's little wonder I didn't think about it. Life was a big mess, and that's that.

But now, sick or no, I just had to do it -- and I did. And I'll get some more things done, then rest before we go to the office tonight. I have LIFTING to do to get the towers in place, so it might be a good idea to force myself to eat some soup or something for energy. (If I'd made it to work, I could have had Kris move them, but now it's up to me...)

Well, I need to get back to work! No rest for the wicked. (Or the weary.)

Oh! Before I forget! Last night I took around ten minutes to look up some FREE ebook Westerns for my Kindle -- there are quite a few available. I found "The Virginian," by Owen Wister (1902), which I haven't read in years. I'm so excited to have this on my Kindle! I've already read three (four?) of the short stories from my Louis L'Amour book, and am now happily re-reading "The Virginian." What a delightful time I'm having with my Kindle! (There are so many free books out there -- for computer as well as Kindle. If anyone needs a link, please let me know!)

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