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Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Howie D.

Yes, it's an incredibly 'fangirl' thing to do -- wishing Howie Dorough of The Backstreet Boys a belated Happy Birthday.

You know what? I don't give a damn! I like the man and forgot to post this yesterday (on his actual bday). So I'm posting it now. Shoot me.

I found out from that yesterday was also the birthday of someone who has been incredibly nasty to both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me in the world of online. That disgusts me, as I've no desire to ever associate this very unpleasant, bitchy person with the wonderful Sweet D.! (Doesn't it just figure her bday would fall on Howie's? sigh.)

I know I shouldn't be like that. I'm not a vindictive person. I don't go around calling people bastards and bitches as a rule...

But this bugs. It really does! This is a person who could seriously use a big scoop of 'nice.'

Yes, I'm sure Howie isn't nearly as 'sweet' as we've all been told. Who could be that sweet? I'm sure he's like the rest of us and has flaws... But fan encounters alone seem to show that he's kind and thoughtful. I'll continue to go with it, thank you very much! (smile)

So, Howie (if you happen to be reading), you might want to send a portion of niceness her way. Call it a belated bday gift. (Not that she's not getting plenty of gaggy attention from her circle of admirers, as it is...)

Don't bother telling me that I'm empowering her by even bothering to think about her! I realize that fact. I sincerely try to think about her as little as possible, because life is too short for her shit. (grin)

And the bottom line is that I genuinely feel sorry for this woman, who clearly has a lot of personal issues. (Yes, I know more about her than I'd care to, but you people have no idea what Joey fatjoey can be like when he thinks a friend (or friends) of his have been ill-treated! (Not to mention that he had a personal run-in with the bitch woman -- so he's not very fond of her.)

I utterly refuse to let her -- or anyone -- spoil one second of my admiration for The Boys, though! (smile)

So hopefully by next year I'll have forgotten she's lucky enough to also have an August 22nd bday...

And I'll go on paying kudos to Howie Dorough! (Who is quite deserving, if for his ability to do his thing without hurting anyone else in the process...)

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