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Poor Henry. Poor Marilyn. (sigh)

Well, it's a New Year, thankfully! I was delighted to open that back door and bid 2010 a not-so-fond farewell last night. Come on 2011! (smile)

Henry seems worse today, I'm sorry to say. Congested beyond describing. I've tried steaming him, but I don't think it's helping much.

And now Marilyn is congested and suffering. It's little wonder. She's barely been able to sleep in AGES -- I'm sure that's due to stress. She certainly handles stress better than anyone I know, but there's a LIMIT, after all! It was a tough year. November and December were tough at work. And I won't even start the list of issues here at home. Henry is the final straw -- it's little wonder she wakes up shouting from nightmares, considering how worried about him she's been...

Anyway, she's down now, hopeful she won't give in to the cold we've both been fighting off by the skin of our teeth for weeks now. (The current cold weather isn't helping any...) And Henry is back in cat bed, as well. I'm going to head for nap, too, I think.

We stayed up late and slept late, but oh well. We'll get back to a better routine when things settle down one way or the other with Henry. He sees his own vet this week, and maybe we'll get a better idea of what the future holds. If he's going to die, we'll deal with it -- but honestly, it would be good to know if that's where we're headed...

I did make eggs and ham (with the ham from Sue and Candy), with toast. We were down to the last of the bread (???), so I cut up a small loaf to make a final slice for the meal. It didn't work that well, but that's how it goes, I guess... The ham tasted good and the pot of coffee was fabulous.

At midnight last night we talked to Sue, Mitch and Shari. It turns out I could have phoned June, as well. (I was afraid to wake them, so I didn't.) It's always nice to share greetings with family and friends...

I did a lot of that here at LiveJournal and over at Facebook, too. My cyber friends are VERY IMPORTANT to me (like any of my other friends, really).

June called with a computer issue this afternoon, so I went over and helped her get it straightened out. Comcast has this problem where suddenly they end up re-setting your password for email at THEIR END. They won't admit this happens (why???), but I've seen it over and over again with June and others, so I know it's the case. When it happened today, she got a BAD support consultant who was rude -- and who didn't help resolve the issue. I went and discovered the password still wasn't working, so I did the calling for her. She confirmed me as her representative, then I proceeded to get things fixed.

One of the weird things was finding out her major email account was NOT the primary account! They had a total of three, and June and Jim have NEVER used the other two, period. The woman said something about how they often set up a primary account a certain way when someone doesn't know what account name they want -- and I told her that June had used the exact same name for two previous account prior to Comcast, so I knew for a fact that wouldn't have been the issue when they did the setup. I've been supporting June for almost a decade, so I think I know what I'm talking about here...

Anyway, she deleted the two extra accounts and made June's real account the primary -- and reset the password. Then I did the settings in Outlook and we got her up and running again.

After that, I helped June learn how to access her account via the Comcast website, so she could check her bill. And we chatted a bit about this and that...

My last words to her? "Call me first." By this I mean that she shouldn't phone me second, after Comcast -- because time and again the phone support person makes things far worse. Been there over and over and over again.

No offense to these people. I know they don't intend to cause problems. But some of them are simply under-trained for what they do. If I told you how many times various friends who do such support have told me advice they give that's WRONG... Well, I doubt it would surprise anyone, would it? (heh) They have good intentions and are trying to help. But it's scary how few of them know the basics for the work they do...

Well, June's getting her email again -- so that's what's important. And I've got all her information down in a cyber notes area so I can access it, if necessary... I probably need to add this to my Memories, so I'll remember what day it happened for future reference! (grin)

No, we didn't take a ride today. We're really not comfortable leaving Henry alone for long, anyway. And we didn't make it to a movie, but the same thing applies -- as well as the fact that Marilyn shouldn't be out, anyway.

I'm hopeful our little family will be healthy again soon...

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