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Back to the Vet...

Phoned the vet and found out Henry does not have pancreatitis (after another expensive blood test). But he had a bag of fluids at his appointment yesterday and today is very congested -- terribly so. So spoke ANOTHER doctor and he advised an antihistamine, so we went in and picked it up.

The medication for nausea he was given by Dr. Shanks yesterday actually helped him to eat and keep it down! Of course, the first thing he did when he got home was eat a tiny bit -- and drink that milk replacement I've been giving him. Then while headed down the stairs to the family room Henry threw it up all over several stairs. What a mess it was to clean up! (sigh)

Marilyn and I were both crying (a little), and praying -- and discussing his situation a lot yesterday. We were sure at one point he was dying. His left eye was so sunk into his skull it was frightening to see. The vet told us that happens when they get so undernourished (apparently fatty pads behind the eyes help keep them from sinking inward). But it's actually better today, thank God.

We don't know if he's going to make it, but we continue to pray to God to let us keep him a little longer. Of course, we're also praying that God's will be done, so we're ready if he does die...

The miracle is that he's been able to eat his OWN FOOD (which is dry) -- AND drink water again, which he hadn't done for days. He doesn't need to be drinking after the bag, but it's good that he's willing to! And he's been keeping it down, which is another miracle.

We were afraid he could choke on his own congestion, though -- which may be what happened on Christmas Day. So we were glad to go get the pills and give him a dose.

He's been sleeping a lot today, but felt good enough to spend a little time upstairs in the living room, watching birds out the window and just hangin' a bit. He even felt good enough to beg for a Cheeto! (smile)

Photo share!

Henry licks Cheeto
Henry LOVES Cheetos!
He licks the cheese off...

Henry and Marilyn
Marilyn carrying Henry upstairs.

Well-endowed hibiscus
Wow! Look at the size of that stamen!
That's one well-endowed hibiscus...

We went and got food and then started to watch the movie "The A-Team." But quit because Marilyn was falling asleep. (We'll hopefully finish watching it later.)

Sister Sue is feeling better, by the way. (I'm just hoping she won't rush things and make herself sick again. It hasn't been that long she's been staying down, after all...)

I'm off for a nap -- maybe with Henry! He did sleep with me part of the night. I had a small drink and am full of good food -- which is easier to eat when you don't feel bad that you have a starving animal in the house, believe me!

Thanks again, everyone, for the good thoughts and the prayers. We're not counting him out of the woods quite yet, but things are better than yesterday, anyway.

He still has an appointment next week with his own vet, so we'll see what she has to say about all of this. Hopefully he'll be stronger by then. Henry is the most LOVABLE cat ever -- seriously. And you should see him take pills! He's better about it than most people, much less other cats...

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