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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is...

It's been an interesting two days. I'll dispense with the Henry update, as he's not doing that well -- and I'll have more to tell after his vet appointment this afternoon (hopefully).

Anyway, yesterday I worked on the latest eBulletin for the festival -- requesting people donate. Marilyn wrote the Copy and I did the banner and coding. This is our year end appeal, and for the first time we're using PayPal (via our website).

Long story short, our email blast service wasn't letting us log in (!!!), so after getting no help from Jason (and his dad, Dan), I had to go to Oliver, who fixed things for me. This is a HUGE can of worms, by the way, which I'll go into later on. At least we were able to get the eBulletin out today -- a day later than planned, but oh well! It's hard to do a year end appeal if you don't get the word out before the end of the year, after all... (grin)

Because we have PayPal, it is a simple thing to do -- which is very cool! Marilyn and I love using PayPal, so we know others must, as well. We think it's the safest and easiest way to pay online.

Anyway, I just went to the festival website and used the Donate button to give my own small donation. I just got an email from one of our subscribers saying that due to the current economy, they couldn't afford to donate. I replied by saying I was sorry to hear that, because non-profits count on their supporters for help -- and even $5 makes a difference. Just think: If lots of people would give $5 or $10 dollars, this could really add up fast!

I just decided that I needed to put up or shut up. I might volunteer my time to the festival, but this is about the $$$ -- so even I should find money to contribute. And it makes me feel good to do it!

Aside from festival work, I've also done a couple of PSSCA website tweaks. And I went through a bunch of stuff looking for something -- which made me toss some things OUT. Always a good thing on garbage night! (smile) Speak of, I need to go do the garbage and recycling now...

No, we didn't get the snow we were hearing about. Just rain -- and even some sun. But I guess it did hit all around us.

I need to share the photo I took of our hibiscus in bloom! We got the plant back in 2005, and it's almost died several times since then. But today it has a bloom -- the first since the summer of 2005. It made me feel very hopeful to see it. Life goes on -- and living things survive against terrible odds. I hope that proves true for our sweet cat Henry!

I forgot to mention that I spoke to my friend Donn (who has been our computer dude for years now). He left a message checking on the new computers. (No, I still haven't set them up!) It turns out he almost cut off a finger two weeks ago with a saw, poor man! He may still lose the finger (I'm praying he doesn't). He was relating how hard it is doing things without using it...

(My Grandpa Ed was missing fingers on one hand. I used to feel something so tender and special when I held that hand...)

Well, that's it for now -- I'm off to get cracking before it gets colder outside!

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