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Goodies for Patsy

I didn't even mention that I got several items from the Expo event to make a wonderful 'Goodie Bag' for Patsy. I started to say that at one point and got totally off on a tangent. (smile)

Here's another interesting note, by the way! There were lots of bowls and boxes, etc. of freebies/goodies at each table. I'd often ask if I could take and 'extra' of whatever it was -- either for Marilyn. (I'd explain that she'd be at the race, but had to work today.) Or for Patsy -- I'd explain that she was in treatment and too ill to participate.

I can't tell you how many people would thank me for asking -- or comment on it. Most of the people there would just grab a handful -- or more than one item, anyway -- of whatever was there, without saying a word. As if they were entitled to take more than one, just because the items were free. Interesting attitude, isn't it?

Can't wait to send all those goodies to Patsy... Fun items like a 'stress reducer' made of soft rubber in the shape of a pink ribbon that you can squeeze in your hand. Clever! I'm giving Patsy mine and Marilyn's sending her's to Sue.

Tags: 2003, september-2003

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