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Better Day, Thankfully...

Marilyn and I don't want to get our hopes up too high, because Henry is skinny as can be and far from himself. But we are hopeful. Thanks for the good thoughts and the prayers!

We're using a milk replacement designed for cats (kittens?) for Henry to drink. Of course, I was OUT last night and couldn't find more, so I got him half and half -- not good because it will probably give him the runs! But I got a different version of the milk replacement today, so we're good for now. (I don't want him to get the runs, as we have enough issues already. But he needs to take something in, so...)

He won't drink water right now. I'm not sure why, but at least he's drinking!

And I'm taking a clean-scrubbed piler to mash up his dry food into food dust. He doesn't want soft food, as he's never had anything but dry. (We gave him canned when he was really, really sick, but he's not a fan.) I mix the dust in the milk replacement and make a kind of cat gruel for him. This he eats, because it's easier to swallow.

He clearly has a sore throat -- BUT he is hungry, poor boy! He'll sit in front of his food dish, but can't bring himself to try and eat it. But he does lick up the gruel and swallow small portions.

So he's eating (very little) and drinking (very little) -- and still using the cat box. He's up and walking around, including all the way upstairs and down by himself. He's wobbly, but trying hard to be normal.

And he's sleeping in cat bed -- and last night he slept in bed beside me for around an hour (!!!), and on the pillow by my head for some time, too. At least he's not hiding away all the time -- and he hasn't tried going way back in the utility room even once, thank God!

We decided not to take him to the vet today. He hated the trip on Christmas Day -- plus in many ways it made him feel worse. I suspect they did things that didn't need doing, but they were guessing what to do. Marilyn and I now think that he'd been somewhat sick for a couple days, and not eating much because of it. His nose was plugged and he was coughing. So we think he maybe coughed up bile and burned his throat -- and that made him salivate like mad and seem to be throwing up (there was no actual food in his vomit when this happened). So his throat feels awful, then we take him in and the PROBE his sore throat (!!!), making it much worse. Plus they put him out, so now he feels yucky and messed up from that. (It can take a person six months to a year to get back to normal after that, so I'm sure it's the same for a poor cat...)

He might need to go in for liquids at some point. They'd have no more luck with the food thing than we're having, because I've been there with them tons of times, so we're doing the best that can be done. Sleeping helps him heal, so that's good for him.

Now we mainly just need to wait -- and keep a close eye on him.

We ran some IMPORTANT errands today, including (finally) getting to the post office to mail some packages for special friends. It's been hard to get our errands done with everything else that's been going on... (sigh)

Now we're back home and we ate some takeout Chinese from a store deli. We're both tired and ready for a nap. (It's been so brutal lately...)

Tomorrow is back to work. I probably won't go in on Wednesday, though, even though that's a work day, too. I need to finish up the eBulletin that we're planning to send out -- and I want to keep an eye on Henry...

It's such a blessing when we see him up and around -- walking and grooming a bit and licking at food. He still might not make it, but we're enjoying every minute we have with him. He's just the sweetest boy ever!

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