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Henry Is Alive -- For Now, Anyway...

How did Marilyn and I end Christmas Day, 2010? Over at the Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. We left the house in a huge rush around 11:30 p.m. -- and just got home a few minutes ago (it's just past 2:00 a.m. right now).

Henry was throwing up and choking -- at one point he was lying on his side an barely seemed to be breathing. The ride there was AWFUL. We were both praying out loud -- and I can only imagine how hard it was for Marilyn to drive an unfamiliar route through what wasn't easy traffic.

For my part, I was in the back seat with Henry in the box, and wanted to keep it open to watch him. But at one point he punctured my hand and was snagged on me, so I got him loose and forced him back inside. He was gurgling and like a maniac inside that box. When he suddenly went silent and stopped moving, I was sure we get there and find him dead.

Just under $500 later, we still don't know what caused the problem. And we don't know if he'll suddenly get worse, or be fine. He was sedated for examination and is pretty out of it right now. Hopefully that will help him to sleep, as he's been somewhat hyper the last two days. Marilyn just checked on him and he's in cat bed trying to rest.

This may be something new, or the problem from back in September.

It was heart-breaking to be at Dove Lewis. People with pets keep coming in, and it's hard to deal with. There were two happy stories, though -- I'll try and share those tomorrow, maybe.

Right now I think we need to think about bed (if we're not too wound up from this).

Um, not the greatest way to end Christmas, I have to say. But as our cat is currently alive, I can't complain that much. We're both ready if he suddenly dies on us in the night or soon, as we're not convinced he's really okay. But at least he's here at home with us.

Right now Colin is fetching one of his beloved feather toys that Santa brought him in his sock this morning. He first got these in his Christmas sock last year, and he's so excited to have new ones! I'm sure he was upset when we three dashed out, leaving him alone. And he's sniffing and following poor Henry, who certainly doesn't smell quite 'right' at this point...

What a year. (2010 pretty well has sucked, and this is just the year going out as it has run its course...)

Yeah, and Colin has been sneezing, too, so I think he might be a tad under the weather. Grand.

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