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A Wonderful Christmas Eve!!!

I've been in a GREAT mood all day, from the second I got up. (By the way, I slept in, as did Marilyn -- which was a lovely start to the day!)

I picked up a bit in the living room and kitchen -- then got started getting ready to take out goodies for our neighbors. After I was part way prepared, I went and had a shower and washed and dried my hair. Then I got dressed and headed out. First I went down the street to my friend Gladys' house (she's way down the far end of the street, blocks away). As I headed up her walk she saw me through the window and ran to the door to greet me on the porch, saying, "You're such a wonderful neighbor!" It just warmed my heart. We had a lovely visit before I headed back home to gather stuff for houses closer to our own.

I had visits with Rose and Ian, Barbara, Estelle (Tom wasn't there, but their two dogs were) Janet (she came here, as we met while both doing another house) and briefly with the young woman in what used to be John and Millie's house (I don't know her by name, yet). Other houses I just left goodies, as no one answered the door. But June and Jim's basket is bigger, so I decided to wait until they phone me to take it over (I left them a message).

At just before 1:00 p.m. Pacific time, I put on EWTN's coverage of Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican and watched some of it. I saw pieces here and there and we also taped it. (It was Live, but this gives you an idea of the time difference...)

Marilyn and I did manage to phone our friend Shari before midnight (just!) last night to wish her a happy birthday. (Glad we didn't forget and let that go...) She was in good humor and had a nice time with her brother and sister-in-law.

We've talked to sister Sue a couple of times. I feel bad for her to be so sick -- and stuck home alone for the holiday! But she needs to stay down and rest so she can get better. I'm still worried she might end up in the hospital with this if she's not careful...

Right now while I'm typing this I have another Mass on in the background. This one is from Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. The music is BEAUTIFUL!!!

After I finished up all my neighbor visits, Marilyn and I headed to a local Chinese restaurant to get take-out -- which has been a family tradition from before we were born. (I can barely recall a year when we didn't do this -- except the year when we were all snowed in!)

The food was WONDERFUL!!! Really fresh and tasty vegetable chow young! We got a huge variety (as always) and glutted ourselves. (smile) Pork fried rice and beef tomato chow yuck and barbecue pork, fried shrimp and more. A perfect meal!

We've been watching our DVD of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," a holiday favorite. But we're both more than ready for a nap. Marilyn's already headed there, and I'll go as soon as I finish this blog entry... We'll finish watching it later.

Marilyn watched some Christmas TV movies and played games while I was gone today -- it's good to see her get to RELAX a bit!

And that's our Christmas Eve, so far. I'm smiling as I type and feeling so blessed and happy. I cried when they uncovered and revealed the Christ Child at the Vatican. I feel such love right now...

I hope all my dear friends here at LiveJournal are enjoying this day, however you celebrate this season. Bless you all!

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