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Work? I Might Be Catchin' Up a Bit...

I keep track of much of my work via email. In other words, I can't FUNCTION without my email. Seriously!

For work, right now I have 36 Unread (which is my 'To Do' at the office) -- and 62 items in my Inbox (which is more about needing to file stuff than about my 'To Do' list).

At home, my Inbox (which is my 'To Do' for home) is down to 46 items. I bet you're wondering why the office and at home 'To Do' stuff differs, right? Well, not all of it is work-related -- some of it is household stuff.

When I say I track things with email, I mean it! That's where much of my information ends up, I must admit -- even though I keep track of stuff in both a cyber and computer/jump drive fashion, as well...

I haven't been under 100 items for 'To Do' in FOREVER, so this feels remarkably good to me!

The employment stuff for work is finally done (for now). I have a couple of other website things to do, but they aren't weighing on me (much). I need to get crackin' on the upcoming eBulletin, which has to go early next week! No, I haven't started it yet...

Marilyn and I have more PSSCA stuff to do, too -- but it's really minor compared to doing the festival website. Seriously, no other website begins to compare. It's tough to manage, tough to code and CONSTANT, all year round. I'm actually ahead of last year (!!!), but that's not the point. People never remember how we've done it in past years. They just believe it's late if it's not 100% current all the time. As. If. Luckily once we get the initial work done for PSSCA, there will only be a few things we need to do on a day-day-day/week-to-week basis. That's very cool!

I think I'm fighting a cold. (sigh) I'm stuffed up and have sinus pressure and a headache and sore throat. Why, why, why? I'd just like to get through the end of the year healthy, if possible...

I'm hungry, so I think I'll go find something (sans ants) to eat. Then I need to pull myself together in case Marilyn wants to come get me. Right now Marilyn is giving Rich is annual job review.

I talked to sister Sue, who sounds pretty miserable. It's going to suck not having her for Christmas Eve, but that's how it goes. She contagious and needs rest -- and we need to avoid the exposure. We'll have to phone back and forth, I guess...

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