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Ants. It's Just One Crisis Too Many (However Small)...

Do you remember me mentioning I have ANTS -- in December?

Who the hell gets ants in December? What else can happen? (No, Mom, I didn't dare ask that -- knock on wood!!!)

Being December, I don't have any ant traps, ant stakes or ant spray. So I'm using crazy crap, like OFF! spray and an old can of hornet spray. Additionally, I can't seem to see where the heck they're coming from. I've gone outside (baby, it's cold out there) and checked and checked, but I barely see a sign of any ants, anywhere. (sigh)

The only funny thing is how I discovered I still had 'em...

I decided I'd have a donut. The box was sitting on the small table that's in our kitchen nook. I grabbed one out and put it on a paper plate and set it aside. Then I went to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee. When I came back to the plate, I see that the donut is CRAWLING with ants!!!

On checking the box, I find it's crawling inside with ants, too... (yikes)

The box immediately goes out on the porch. Since then, I've torn up the contents and put those out for the birds. I have a hunch the crows won't mind if their donuts are a little ant-flavored, by the way. (heh)

(We've NEVER had ants on that table before, which is another annoying aspect of all this. Now I need to clear it off and scrub it down. Thanks, ants, I didn't have enough work to do today...)

No donut for me! (You know, I never liked that whole chocolate-covered bugs thing from grade school, either...)

I'd really, really, really love to get on top of these ants PRIOR to Christmas Eve, please. Thank you to whatever saint happens to be listening. (Amen.)

I'm trying to see the humor and not be a grump about this, but come on: This is really just one too many things to deal with this month. And I have WORK I need to be doing.

On that note, I'm going back to it. Marilyn is supposed to be coming home to take me into the office this afternoon, so I need to get ready for that, too...

Blessed Advent, all! (smile)

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