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Working on the Website -- No, Not That One! (grin)

Marilyn and I spent ages today working on the (new) PSSCA website. It's really coming along and we're both pleased with what we've done!

Of course, we made some great improvements to the festival website recently, too (one of our weekend projects). Um... yeah... I have a bunch MORE website stuff I need to get done PRONTO, but that's beside the point! One of the additions is adding Google's translation feature, which I admit is pretty darn cool. It allows visitors to view all text on a webpage in one of the available languages (there are several). (Obviously it can't translate text that appears on images, but that's fine.)

The translation 'issue' came up about a year and a half ago, when our then-president was in the office one day and mentioned that his wife thought we should translate part of our site into Spanish. Some of you might recall that I was supposed to stop being the webmaster at the end of that fiscal year -- which clearly didn't end up happening. But I had a mild snap when he said that to me (smile) and ended up saying something like, "That's a great idea! You can tell it to your new webmaster, seeing as I'm quitting soon." (heh) That was how Jeff found out I planned to quit, and both guys were pretty shocked. I was clearly annoyed that Robert wanted something I then considered IMPOSSIBLE to provide. I hope he'll have a positive response when he discovers this website change, anyway. (Better late than never!)

And we've set up PayPal (go, Marilyn!!!) for doing online donations for the festival, which is very exciting! I'm proud that I took the 'PayPal Verified' seal image and resized it (very cleanly, mind you) -- then coded it to sit directly beside the actual 'Donate' button. Carol doesn't quite get that you WANT the button to look exactly like all other PayPal buttons (so you know you're using PayPal), or how cool it is to have the seal fit perfectly beside it. But Marilyn gets it, so I'm pleased. (Heck, I get it -- and I wanted it exactly like that -- so I'm pleased... grin...)

We'll eventually set up PayPal for the PSSCA site, too. And we've already used Google Translate there, so the many Japanese interested can view it in that language! (woo hoo)

I'm also reading another book on my Kindle (a Christmas story), which I pretty much take everywhere with me. I adore my Kindle...

Back to work tomorrow! Of course, it's only a two-day week, so that's pretty cool!

No, we don't have our Christmas tree decorated yet (!!!), but we're both fine with that. We figure if we don't do it until Christmas Eve, we won't care. Lots of people make a tradition of decorating that day -- and we've done it ourselves many times over the years. (I remember that it happened sometimes when we were little kids... We got to sleep without a tree and wake up to one on Christmas Day! Maybe I'm wrong about this -- it would have been when I was really little. And Marilyn has no memory of it at all. Or maybe it only happened one time... ??? My sister Sue will be the one most likely to remember, being older than me.)

We'd still like to do a tiny bit of baking, if we find time. Happily we got our neighbor gifts (woo hoo), so now I can start taking them out to various houses in the neighborhood. (Plus the mailman and so on.) You should see the stack of cookie tins -- it's really funny!

Well, more soon, hopefully! I still have photos I've never shared (what's new). The best laid plans...

I hope everyone is enjoying the Advent Season! In spite of all the work, I certainly am!

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