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MS Word 2007: Initializing the root folders to display (!!!)

Well, it's now 3:00 p.m. Ask me how I've done on my list of things I planned to accomplish, why don't you?

Don't bother. That's pretty close to zero, I'm afraid!

I've been dealing with the issue of Carol's computer since this morning (I think I started this around 10:00). She was having issues with her Word (at that time 2003). We tried several things, but finally I used Remote Desktop to get on her computer -- then I upgraded her to MS Office 2007.

That was a huge pain to do Remotely, by the way. First I didn't have the license in a gackable form (!!!), so I had to mail the Word document home so I could put it into text form. (sigh) Anyway, I finally got it in place. Then I try to open Outlook 2007 and I deal with TONS of issues! It took hours to resolve that.

But, remember, the original problem wasn't about Outlook -- it was about Word. Meanwhile, I put new shortcuts on her Desktop and in the Quick Launch, but they won't work! Turns out that even though I've gone to Start and Programs and found the brand new Office items, the shortcuts are still pointing to the now-non-existent old versions of Office! Why, why, why? I had to manually change them to get them to work...

Finally, I have Carol get on her own computer to check everything out. She has a mail merge project that she really needs to do, so this needs to be resolved NOW. And in trying to even open the documents she needs, she gets this message: Initializing the root folders to display

Everything is CRAWLING slow for her, which is totally unacceptable. I start looking for answers. (More answers, considering that all I've been doing all day, really!) The Microsoft site as usual can't manage to explain things in a way I can understand. I get that I'm no computer genius, by far, but considering I know more than an average person, I can only guess how annoying most people find their answers to issues. (sigh)

But at another site, I finally get the answer that you have to: disconnect any mapped drives that are currently unavailable

This means that even though Carol could previously look at the entire network with no problems, suddenly she can't -- and it's because she doesn't have full access to every Server drive. (One is locked for HR, for example. And others are locked for similar reasons, meaning only a couple of people use them. So once I walk her through that (trying hard not to have her disconnect drives she NEEDS to be able to access -- and there are several to pick among), it finally WORKS. (woo hoo)

Yes, I'm proud that I've got her up and running, finally. And I didn't need to have Kris back in to do it (because Kris costs $$$, and I need to try and avoid using him more often than is absolutely necessary). Did I spend my whole day on this? Well, yeah, I did. That's the way it goes... (sigh)

Considering I was ready to have the computer reformatted and do an entire reinstall of everything, plus re-configurations, this did save a lot of money and pain. So I'll avoid complaining too much about how my day was spent.

Microsoft issues are just so random!

Rosanna is using MS Office 2007, as am I. Neither one of us (thankfully!) had this problem, so why Carol should is just beyond me...

Giving me a chance to once again say: I hate Microsoft!!!

(You guys know I love any excuse to repeat that... grin...)

Aside from some other minor tasks (like doing a load of dishes and working on the festival website), that's pretty much how my Friday has gone! Well, the day isn't over yet, so who knows? I might get more accomplished. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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