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Mad at Facebook...

Good old Facebook disabled Colin's account.

I'm so mad about this!

In that case, they need to disable EVERY account that isn't a person (business or organization), period. There are thousands of pets and stuff animals (at least Colin's alive!) all over Facebook, to say nothing of one person have multiple accounts and so on.

I don't see how Colin's account hurt anyone -- least of all Facebook!

I have a hunch someone reported his account. I'm telling you, that person never wants to tell me they did it. Seriously. It wouldn't just be the end of a friendship, it could get messy!

Meanwhile, Henry still has his account. And they both have Twitter accounts and blogs (that they haven't used yet). Why try to block pets from Social Media?

And why risk angering someone like me who has a lot of friends and contacts around the world, and isn't afraid to rant like mad about their crazy policies? Yes, I know what the TOS says, but until I see them enforcing it across the board, I'm going to remain FURIOUS about this. (And disappointed.) Hey, a lot of time and effort went into Colin's Facebook -- probably more than many people put into their accounts!

I wouldn't use my actual Facebook icon, I'm that mad. How does this benefit them? Really???

Well, Colin will get over it (smile) -- but I doubt I will!!!

I'm annoyed enough with Facebook and their constant CHANGES (changes, changes, changes -- what idiots!). Nobody ever gets a chance to learn how to use the site decently before they CHANGE STUFF AROUND yet again. What is that about?

I'm going away now to get back my good humor. This crap frankly isn't worth my ire.

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