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Christmas Tree!

Well, I finally got the tree out and put it up today -- almost a week later than originally planned. (The flooding just ruined that schedule.) Being flexible in life is a good thing, anyway. (smile)

The boys (our cats) were SO excited during this! I've got two photos to share, one of each cat. I thought it was darling that the minute I had the bottom section ONLY of our tree up, Henry was underneath it immediately! The cats spend a lot of time under the tree, which both Marilyn and I love.

And after I had the entire tree up, Colin was right over on the sofa beside it, chewing on the branches! (smile)

Both cats treat this artificial tree EXACTLY the same way that other cats in our life have treated live trees. I can't get over that! To my boys it's a TREE, and they love every second that it's up in our house!

Photo share!

2010 Christmas Tree
Henry, that's not even half a tree!

2010 Christmas Tree
Colin gets some chewing in, a show of love.

We probably won't get around to decorating it tonight. Marilyn had a killer day at work and I did a lot of heavy lifting and chores around the house -- so we're both really tired. Besides, she had less than an hour of sleep last night (!!!), and I only had a few hours. Sleep seems pretty appealing, anyway.

I got some other decorations out and put them up, and I imagine we'll decorate tomorrow night. Heck, I know people who put the tree up on Christmas Eve, so it's not like it matters if we don't do it right away...

Anyway, we're enjoying the new outdoor tree (and apparently our neighbors are, too) -- and having our outdoor berry wreath up, too. We have a new little tree in the family room that is one of those Fiber Optic trees that changes colors. It's really cute!

One of the cats (Henry???) has been throwing up a lot lately. I had to clean it up twice today. We're worried about Henry and will try to take him to the vet next week...

We're still running fans and a heater for the carpet in Marilyn's bedroom. But the good news is that we haven't had any additional new wetness. It's been a pain, but whatever. We're dealing.

Our Staff holiday party was nice -- and the gift exchange was really cool! People were very generous with each other and got some nice things. I'll try and share photos soon...

The concert last night was enjoyable. And they surprised us by announcing Marilyn and having her come up on stage for a presentation! More about that later. (I have photos of that, too...)

Right now I'm headed for a much-needed nap. My garbage and recycling is done and we had a dinner of meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and a small dish of mac and cheese. (yummy) Oh! When out doing the garbage, Rose (our neighbor across the street) came over and we talked for half an hour. She's such a dear thing -- and we have tons in common.

Interestingly enough, my blood count was low again this morning -- I hardly expected that after all the... um... adult beverages (alcohol) I consumed at the party. Plus I had a piece of cake! You'd think all that sugar would have had me HIGH (200's or more), and not low (just above 100). Who knew? Anyway, I guess I can't complain...

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