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Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!

I've got a pot of coffee waiting for me, but haven't yet had a cup. I'm headed for one directly!

I've already done a load of dishes, talked to sister Sue about tonight and coded a festival webpage (and uploaded it) this morning. (I've been up since just past 7:00. But Marilyn was off to work at that point, so she beats me, as usual!)

Next I need to color my hair. And at some point I need to wrap my Secret Santa present for today. I don't want to screw off, because Marilyn will be home sooner than I think, picking me up to go to the Staff holiday party, being held at Lilia's house.

Do note my icon, which is of Dad's mug (I wrote an ENTRY about it in 2008). I don't use the icon all that much, I guess, but it's very special to me, even so...

Well, I'm off for coffee and a bite to eat. (My blood count was low again this morning. I've no idea why, considering I was eating right before bed, around midnight! Go figure.)

As for our flooding issues, we're still working on the carpet in Marilyn's room. Happily there doesn't seem to be any new water coming in, for which we're both thankful. And there's an odor, but it's not terrible. Our latest treatment is ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean for carpets (they don't show the box at the website, for whatever reason). You sprinkle it on and vacuum it up. We've used plain ARM & HAMMER baking soda already, but didn't leave it on very long. This was what we used years ago, and it worked really well, so...

We also got Febreze Fabric Refresher -- the limited edition seasonal Cranberries and Frost fragrance. It has a LOVELY scent, by the way. (I'm not always that crazy about Febreze, truth to tell...)

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I have fans on the small patch of carpet as we speak, and plan to go check it out right away.

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