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Christmas!!! A New Tree for the Yard!

We were doing some Christmas shopping last night (our Staff gathering is TOMORROW, so we needed to get our Secret Santa gifts). Suddenly I was dashing across the store to see this lovely tree on display -- and Marilyn was following after me, to see what it was I was so excited about!

It's an LED Light-Up Cherry Tree, that actually slowly changes colors! It's doesn't blink or do anything that could give a person fits, but is really just sweet and pretty -- a lovely new tree for our front yard. (The tree we've had for several years finally gave up the ghost last year, I'm afraid -- so we knew we needed to replace it with something.)

It's small, but we don't care. It's just a nice spot of color for the yard.

Photo share!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

I did find it online, by the way -- but it was sold out. (See it HERE.) You'll note their sale price is $130 (originally $170), but we paid $80 for our tree.

I get that it's not strictly Christmas, but we don't care. Lots of people decorate the actual trees in their yards, so this is sort of like that, I guess. (Apparently lots of people use these in their gardens in spring and summer -- and for weddings and so on.)

I also took time to hang our wreath on the front door:

Christmas 2010

Aside from the wreath from Laura, these are our first Christmas decorations, so we're excited to have them up! I'm hoping to get the tree up tomorrow, even if we won't have time to decorate it before Wednesday night at the earliest...

The flooding put us behind, but we're not letting that get us down. It's all fine. We're loving Advent and are entirely in the spirit of this blessed season, so all is well! We want to still decorate and so on, but that's not what Advent is really about, anyway, so it's fine.

On the personal maintenance side, Marilyn and I went and had both pedicures and manicures today, which were well overdue. (My toenails were so long I could hardly get my shoes on! Ouch!) She got two pretty shades of red, and I went back to a French for both. (Nice to be done with the gold on my hands at long last.) And I got my hair cut (!!!), which I've been needing for ages! (I still need to color -- hopefully later tonight, or first thing tomorrow morning...)

In our living room right now we have my lovely candle holders (a set of four) from Charold, with those cool LED candles inside! Plus two smaller holders that we've owned for years with another type of LED candles. I love these and feel entirely safe having them with the cats.

Plus we're finally trying out our Scentsy, which has a pineapple scent. Using Flameless candles is a cool idea! We got this at WFV during the festival (June) and waited all this time to try it out. It operates with a light bulb as a heat source to melt the scented wax... (We got the Kokopelli design because of the Indian thing...)

Scentsy - Kokopelli

We missed Starbucks with sister Sue, but that's okay. She was tied up and we had a lot to get done, so no worries. We had toasted cheese sandwiches with tomato soup for dinner -- it was nice!

Now Amanda is here and Marilyn is getting a massage while I type this. I'll head downstairs soon. I want to read and pray and check out the cats (who hate being locked up downstairs alone). Tomorrow is the Staff Christmas party. Then tomorrow night we're attending a concert to hear a friend perform -- which is why we're not counting on decorating the tree tomorrow! It's a busy time of year... I still need to WRAP our presents for tomorrow (!!!). Yeah, I can do it in the morning, if need be, but it would be better if I didn't put it off.

That's my day, for the most part! Off to my cats and my Kindle...

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