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Third Sunday of Advent -- Still No Decorating Done (Flooding Update)

I slept with the TV on, listening to the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel (one of my patron saints) and the Mass (at 5:00 a.m.). Marilyn and I were up almost all night again last night. Same issue, different day.

I'm happy to report that her bedroom seems entirely dry now (woo hoo). Plus there doesn't appear to be new water coming in (yes!!!). I went outside a bit ago and checked on the tarps we put up in the 'bad' spot. I finished nailing the first one securely (we hadn't done the one side because of the roses, which DID try hard to get me while I was working on it). Then I discovered the sheet we'd put down on the ground was only anchored by a pool of water. I yanked it out, dumped the water and put it back, tacking it down. Finally I nailed up the second tarp (that overlaps the first). It's shorter, but I managed to get it tacked down, too. The entire yard is wet and squishy, but I've seen it FAR WORSE in other years, so I'm really not worried. The spot we're concerned about it fine for now.

We had a TON of WIND last night (!!!), along with more rain. That's why I needed to make sure about the tarps (glad I did). I slept in the living room on the sofa (which is why I had TV on), and I could see the things we have hanging outside the window just swaying all the time in the wind...

With all our attention focused on the flooding, we still haven't put up a single Christmas decoration. Actually, that's not entirely true! Laura made us a wreath that's hanging on the inside of the door. (Easy to do because she gave it to us at work and we brought it home and hung it up -- as opposed to digging out boxes of decorations!) We're trying not to pressure ourselves about it, as we're so tired we need to cut ourselves some slack.

We have Jodi's concert to attend Tuesday night (sister Sue is supposed to be going with us). We had the Christmas Ships event at our office (we're right beside the Willamette river) last Thursday night. (We missed Sue and Dennis' event at their house, which was on my birthday.) This time of year there are lots of holiday things to do.

Both Marilyn and I need to purchase our Secret Santa gifts (Tuesday is also our Staff party). We probably need to do that TODAY.

I'm going to go nap. I know we need to do a bunch of stuff, but whatever. We're both tired, so we'll figure it out later.

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