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Rain, Rain, Go Away. Just For a Day or Two? Pretty Please? Not Happening...

The constant rain -- and not getting our gutters cleaned (my bad) -- resulted in flooding in our house. We're talking about Marilyn's carpeted bedroom and a storage area near the furnace. Yesterday the Mayor's office shared THIS. As Marilyn and I were headed to the office yesterday afternoon we were driving in heavy rain (hard to see), with flooded downtown streets -- wondering what was happening back at home (of course). It was tough not to just stay home, but we'd promised we'd be at the event, so in we went...

Today Marilyn has important meetings, so she's back at work again. I'm here to handle things on the home front. Considering Marilyn has done most of the work with this flooding, it's my turn to step up and do what needs doing.

I've put down a fresh layer of towels on the carpet and washed the load of towels I pulled up (they're currently in the dryer). Thankfully having the plumber out on Wednesday means we didn't have issues with the washer flooding the utility room, which could have made this situation a much bigger pain! Timing is everything...

We call this the joy of home ownership. If you think I'm being funny about JOY, you're wrong. We both agree that it's a true joy to have a house -- and this sort of stuff happens to everyone who has a house. If you're not up to such things, then you shouldn't own a house, because it's always going to happen. We love our home and feel blessed -- even when facing difficult situations (like this). We're up to it and we'll get by. No joke intended...

Hector (our yard guy) did come early yesterday in response to my phone calls and cleaned out the gutters. I wish I'd had him out in October or November, because this might not have happened if I'd been on top of our usual maintenance. Hindsight is a lovely thing, isn't it? He's going to check back in a couple of weeks. We have a lot of 'mature' trees around the house, so it's no wonder it blocks up.

Bill (one of the festival's Board members) has some ideas that might help us, so we're all ears, believe me. And he told us some great horror stories about his own experiences! (It could always be worse, after all.)

We need to get as much wet up as we can with towels, which is hard right now. We can't really tell if water is still coming in or not. Then we need to work to dry out the carpet, to try and avoid getting mold. We had this same thing happen -- in the same place, mind you -- years and years ago. We managed not to get mold then, so we're pretty confident we'll be able to take care of it this time, too.

We've been in the house for more than 16 years now, and this is only the second time it's happened -- even in years where we've had bad rains and standing water in the back yard. So we feel blessed that it has happened repeatedly over the years. It is a reminder to us -- and hopefully to those we share this with -- that we need to do regular maintenance to our home. It's really easy to let it slip, but it costs us in the long run!

Now I'm drinking vats of coffee and off to check the bedroom and get some festival website work done. I hope to work in a nap at some point, because I'm still tired. But I'll live, I'm sure!

I still have photos to share that I mentioned Tuesday, so maybe I'll get to that later today...

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