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Up All Night...

Marilyn and I were up all night (it's now just past 7:00 in the morning). She's dozing on the sofa and I'm ready to get some serious sleep. Yesterday was a very busy and LONG day for both of us, but we had an emergency last evening that we had to address.

The bad thing is we're STILL dealing with it, so we'll have to keep at it until we get it at least somewhat resolved -- even if it takes all day (and it might).

It would be helpful if the rain wouldn't come any harder today, frankly. Please keep us in your thoughts. (And all prayers are greatly appreciated!)

I'm off to check on things and try (again) to reach Hector for his assistance. Thank God we got the plumbing done yesterday! We've had the washing machine (and dryer) running all night long...

Well, in the spirit of Advent penance, we'll simply pray for help to deal with this. I'm so tired I can hardly sit up. But I really can't rest until I've reached Hector, so I'm back to it...

I see NO way that Marilyn can go to work today!

Tags: 2010, december-2010, emergency, festival, hector, house, laundry, marilyn, plumbing, tired, work

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