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Household Upkeep and Other Tasks...

I started my day with festival work, shortly after I heard Marilyn leaving for work. (Yeah, I was a SLUG this morning and didn't get up until she was driving away!) For those who care, my blood count was a lot higher than yesterday -- little wonder considering I never took my morning meds yesterday and I was eating sweets much of the day. (Still not that high, though, for whatever reason...)

Then sister Sue and I went to Starbucks for coffee. I used my free card that they sent me for my birthday! (woo hoo) After that she took me to pick up some 'emergency' groceries (milk, bread, crackers, CAT FOOD!!!). Then we dropped by the house so I could leave those off and grab software that she needed installed on her home computer.

Then we went to her house and I did the installation. I tried to restore her email that she lost when she got that nasty virus, but couldn't do it. (The guy who fixed the problem for her shouldn't have needed to reformat her hard drive -- and lose a bunch of stuff -- but I don't think he entirely knew what he was doing. No matter. He fixed it well enough, and I've now been there twice to take care of some issues she's had... I'm glad I'm able to help her out.)

See this photo?

December 8, 2010 - trucks at house

That's the street directly in front of my house, where both my electrician and plumber have arrived at the same time to take care of work for me!

No, I did NOT plan it that way (!!!), needless to say. But frankly, I'm glad they could both come the day I called, rather than later. I didn't expect that to happen, I must admit. And I was laughing my ass of as I went out to take photos of their side-by-side trucks! (I wonder what the neighbors thought?)

Our utility room sink (where the washing machine empties) is now draining nicely, thankfully! As is my bathtub, where I've recently been standing in inches of water whenever I shower. Two women with long hair PLUS two cats who shed equals a lot of blocked drains. But considering we only end up needing to do this every couple of years, no big deal, really.

The electrical work was another story, though! The original FULL quote was something like $1,275 for a bunch of stuff I immediately said 'no' to. Jason (the electrician) gave me several options, happily, knowing quite well I'd never go for the high-end bid. We needed a new switch in the nook in the kitchen, as the dimmer switch has been out for a couple weeks now -- which meant we couldn't turn the lights off, period! And we needed a new fixture for the landing at the top of our stairs that go down to the family room. The ceramic has been crumbling more and more since we moved into the house, making it totally unsafe.

Anyway, the final cost of the electrical wasn't pretty -- but it was around a third of the number above. And the plumbing was what I expected, no surprises there.

The amazing thing is to have both things DONE. Now I need to go and scrub out the utility room sinks (ordered by Roger the plumber). Then start on my own chores, which include the garbage and recycling. The day seems to have dashed by, but that's how it is when you have people in doing things like this!

I kept a CLOSE WATCH on every time they were in and out (which was a ton of times). I didn't want a repeat of one of the last times when I was sure Colin had gotten outside! He did go and hide, and was under Marilyn's bed. This time Henry snuggled down and slept while they worked, which made it easy to keep an eye on him. The amusing thing was that I just got Colin out from under the bed and back upstairs when Jason had to come back! VISA denied the charge on my card (!!!), so I had to put it on Marilyn's card. Annoying as hell, but he said they've been seeing it a lot recently. Apparently VISA flags random purchases to make sure know one is trying to steal your identity... Inconvenient, but I can see where they're coming from, I guess.

Well, now we just need to get the computers done, and we'll be good to go! I'll end up doing much of that, but Kris will need to do some. We're thinking Friday, though I've yet to tell him that! Hopefully he can work us in...

I had food this morning, but just realized I had no lunch. My stomach is growling, so I need to go grab a bite. I can't believe it's 3:30!!! Where did the day go???

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