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Bday Staff Meeting and Decorating for Christmas!

For whatever reason (???), I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night! Which means now that it's 6:30 and I'm still at the office, I'm dragging a little bit...

Marilyn's off getting her hair done and Jeff just came upstairs to check on me. He's the last one here besides me and wanted to be sure I'd be okay here alone. No worries! I'm fine. I've got my own spot upstairs, so no one can even tell I'm here, frankly. (Unless I need to go pee, which I actually might need to do soon... smile...)

It was a busy day, setting up my computer after the crash to get it back where I need it! Boring work, but I'd better be okay with it, considering I need to do that with both of our new home computers this week! (sigh)

At Staff meeting today they celebrated my birthday, singing to me all around the table. (I managed not to blush.) They had goodies from Voodoo Donuts -- go check out the full menu HERE! There are NOT your average donuts by a long shot!

Photo share!

Charlie's 2010 bday celebration at work

Charlie's 2010 bday celebration at work

Charlie's 2010 bday celebration at work

Charlie's 2010 bday celebration at work

That last one is the Voodoo Doll, by the way. The pretzel is the stake through the heart! (heh) Cute!

As for me, I had really (really) low blood sugar this morning. I was in putting on my makeup and my hands were shaking, so I thought something was weird. Frankly, part of what was weird was that I didn't do my blood count first thing, like I usually do. Instead, I got dressed and ready, then realized I hadn't done it yet (!!!). When I checked it, it was 78 -- the lowest I've ever had since getting my meter. This might not be low for some people, but normally when I get under 100 I'm having a low blood sugar incident, and I get pretty miserable. I immediately ate a candy bar, then grabbed chicken out of the fridge and started to eat. I felt ravenously hungry! I kept eating it after I got to work...

So even though I've been trying to cut back some during Advent, I ate a lot of sweets today. Not only did we goodies during the Staff meeting, but in the afternoon we had cookies for our Decorating Party! Ashley baked last night, then brought in the cookies for us to frost and eat!

Then with some Board members here, we got the office decorated for the holiday.

Photo share!

decorating the office for Christmas

decorating the office for Christmas

decorating the office for Christmas

decorating the office for Christmas

decorating the office for Christmas

I do have photos of how things turned out, as well, but I haven't downloaded 'em quite yet. I'll share those later tonight, or wait until tomorrow.

Sue B. brought me a bday card, with a Starbucks card inside -- what a lovely surprise! From both Dennis and her, of course.

I also had my annual calendar for Christmas from Charold and Rich (he does all the photos) waiting on my desk, wrapped so pretty. And she told me she has a bday gift for me, as well. (She's so sweet to me.)

It's now 7:00 p.m. and Marilyn is on her way to pick me up. I'm hoping we can get home without too much traffic, grab a bite and have a nap. I've really hit the wall here.

I got most of my computer done, but need to type something up to remind me of the stuff I'm missing. (sigh) I can't believe how much I put on here! Wow.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the fireboats were on the river this afternoon, putting on quite a show! I've NEVER seen three at one time before -- it was pretty cool. I'll have to share those photos, too. I got some very cool pictures. How wonderful is it to be us and have this amazing office in this amazing location???

Anyway, today was a really busy, but good day.

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