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Thanks for the Bday Greetings!

THANKS to so many of you for the Birthday Greetings today! I'll be more specific tomorrow, but it's very appreciated... I have such GREAT friends here at LiveJournal!!!

And THANKS to both of my sisters -- Marilyn and Sue -- for the lovely celebration today! The weather was really pretty and clear (but cold!!!), and it was great to get out and have a long drive.

We went to Hump's Restaurant (in Clatskanie, Oregon) for the meal we were unable to enjoy during Thanksgiving week this year. And even though it's a small town, Hump's has WiFi -- a good thing!

On the way home we stopped at Freddies for some Haggen-Dazs Peppermint Bark ice cream. If you've never tried it yet, you really MUST -- it's amazingly good! (yummy)

Sister Sue got me the extended version of "Angels & Demons" on DVD. And Marilyn got me "Eclipse" (yes!!!) on DVD last night at midnight at WalMart -- YES, there was a HUGE line in the store of people waiting to buy it! I wore my Forks, Washington tee and we talked with the people near us in line. It was fun! Now I'll have these two movies to play on my new DVD player whenever I want. Sweet!

I got 68 (!!!) Wall Post greetings over at Facebook for my birthday (which included one from the Oregon State Treasurer, Ted Wheeler, surprisingly enough). Plus additional messages there, as well. I love cyber-greetings -- they really make my day! And I did get phone calls and messages from other family and friends, too, which was nice.

I'm full of good food, yummy ice cream and many GOOD WISHES -- all of which made for a wonderful birthday! (Thanks, again, everyone!)

And (with prayers to St. Jude) we found Marilyn's missing camera (woo hoo), which was another birthday blessing.

Tomorrow we'll be back to work on the PSSCA website (!!!). There's never a dull moment around here. Now I'm off to read my Kindle...

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