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Today? Tough Day...

Marilyn and I went back to work today -- and we were both glad! Work is a GOOD thing.

But today?

It was tough...

My computer at work had a power surge and is TOAST. Kris came to work on it and spent HOURS trying to get it up and running -- no luck.

Jeff told me to get a new computer. I love him for that! Kris is going to get one right away.

Another VERY BAD THING was my Profile going crazy -- meaning I wasn't able to log into another computer and use it! I had NO Outlook (that means no work email).

By the way, I was on a MAJOR DEADLINE and having a bitch of a time working on it. Happily I've got it done tonight (most of it), so I'll be ready for our joint launch promised for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. (whew)

Mark was in the office today, too (with his future stepson). It was nice seeing him.

Marilyn's day was probably worse than mine. She never took a break that I saw and didn't eat a BITE all day until we got home. We had dinner at 7:00 p.m. -- so that's a long time to go without anything but water! (I ate a candy bar in the afternoon and then followed that with some actual food, so I was far better off than she was...)

On a day where I really needed to focus on the festival website, I ended up working on IT things! Frustrating. But it all works out in the end.

Sister Sue brought us ham both last night and tonight -- so we had it with our mac and cheese last night, and with fried eggs tonight. Yummy! It was really sweet of her (and Candy, too) to share the ham with us (left over from their Thanksgiving dinner). We ate while watching "Jeopardy" on TV.

Then Marilyn spend an hour working on cleaning her bathroom, while I worked on the website stuff I didn't have time to tackle today. I admire her for coming home from a long and stressful work day -- then getting in and CLEANING house! Amazing.

Well, I'm headed for a nap now. I'm beat. Donn is supposed to bring our towers to the house tomorrow (finally). I need to call both a plumber and an electrician and set appointments for work we need done. (I didn't get around to doing that today, I'm afraid.)

I also need to work on the PSSCA website tomorrow -- which I'm excited to do! (I'm also thinking I'll do a couple loads of dishes, some loads of my laundry and maybe start cleaning up my bedroom, which really needs it. We'll see how it goes!)

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