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Virtual Advent Wreath

This year I'm going to do my own Virtual Advent Wreath here in my blog.

In Catholic churches, the most popular colors for Advent candles are purple and rose. (Purple is the historic liturgical color for three of the four Sundays of Advent -- once the color associated with royalty, it symbolizes Christ as the Prince of Peace. Rose is the color for the Third Sunday of Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday from the Latin word rejoice. Gaudete Sunday anticipates the JOY of the Christmas celebration -- its color is a mixture of Advent purple and Christmas white.) On Christmas day these candles are replaced with white candles.

So, to get things started, I need to share the UNLIT wreath. Here 'tis:

Advent Wreath - unlit

Tags: 2010, advent, november-2010

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