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"Legion" and "The Crazies"

I guess I need a zombie icon. (heh) We seem to be watching a lot of zombie movies and TV recently... But I DO have an Archangel Michael icon, so that works for one of the movies, anyway!

Last night Marilyn and I watched "Legion." Paul Bettany was amazing, as he always is! The story... Well, intereting. Anyway, it was an entertaining film.

Today we saw "Crazies." It was really interesting. It was more believable than many such movies.

I won't spoil either movie, but they're both worth watching.

I learned how to take a PDF and make it into a document I can read on my Kindle, which is very cool! I have a copy of a movie script as a PDF, and I was able to put it on my Kindle and read the entire thing. (I just re-read the book the movie was based on, so it was cool to read them back-to-back.)

The whole thing about sending documents to your Kindle via email was NOT working for me, but there's a charge involved with that, anyway, so whatever. I love the idea that I can put documents on my Kindle -- and that it's not hard to do.

Yes, the Kindle is AWESOME.

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