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Kindle Music...

How cool is this? You can download music (mp3 only) for your Kindle. Transfer it from your computer to the 'music' folder on your Kindle.

Then you can play music WHILE you read books! Isn't that cool?

I got some chants that make a great background for all the religious books I've downloaded and have been reading. I got 99 different chants for $5.99 at Amazon.Com. If you buy them one by one, they'd be 99 cents each! So it's quite a savings to purchase them at the album price.

There were a few selections I didn't like, so I removed most of them (I missed a few) from my Kindle. Happily, you can forward to the next song if you want, and easily pause the music at any time.

Yes, I love my Kindle. Even more than I thought I would!

As for Marilyn, she's been playing Civilization IV on her new Toshiba laptop -- a version that she got years back, but could never get to play on her desktop computer! It's very cool from what I saw of it, and she was really enjoying it. I was hopeful she'd be able to play the usual Civ that she's played for years on her desktop (Civ III), but didn't even recall that she had the other version. It's perfect at the moment, allowing her this fun while her other computer is out.

Yes, we're supposed to get the new towers today, weather allowing. There's ice everywhere and dangerous driving conditions. But even when we get 'em, I'll have to reinstall tons of software and set them up. (sigh) Not looking forward to it, as you can imagine. So until then, she's got her lovely laptop -- and this game she's enjoying so much! (woo hoo)

I guess you could say we're both having fun with our 'toys' -- though they're pretty practical, aside from the fun part. (smile)

Sister Sue just phoned, even though it's before 7:00 a.m. She knew I was up, seeing me post to Facebook. (smile)

I. Need. Sleep. Now.

Bye until later!

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