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Snow? Not Much (So Far).

Okay, so the reports of snow were much worse than the real thing -- at least that's the case here at our house.

Just after watching "Dancing With The Stars," sister Sue phoned to tell us it was snowing. I think she got more than we did, because it wasn't even snowing here at that point. And we really only got a dusting.

Photo share!

2010 Nov 22 - snow
The glow in the background is our front porch...

2010 Nov 22 - snow

2010 Nov 22 - snow

The problem here is that they expect ICY roads for the morning commute -- so we're thinking we're NOT going to the office after all.

I spoke with Jeff today who made it clear that Marilyn shouldn't worry about work, but just try to enjoy her vacation. He said her main budget could just wait, so why not?

We had tea and bun sandwiches for our dinner (white chicken with mayo). Tasty and easy.

I've been playing with my Kindle (downloading a bunch of free books -- there are just TONS available). And Marilyn can't use her desktop computer (sigh), so she's been trying out some fave games on her new laptop. It's not quite the same to play them on a laptop, but I think she's managing to have fun, anyway.

Her desktop?

It might be the video card that's gone out. But I'm not sure. Happily, we were able to transfer her entire My Documents to her external hard drive (Iomega -- just the best ever). It took hours in the middle of the night, messing with the computer and then with the transfer (a copy, actually). That means we were up for the second night in a row until 7:00 a.m. (The night before was a different story, but I won't go into it now.)

We've had our new desktops that Donn built for us waiting for us to have them delivered. So Donn is supposed to do that tomorrow, weather permitting. I'm freaked about needing to transfer Marilyn's email, and not being able to access it from our home network (!!!). We'll see if Donn can get the old computer up and running enough for moving stuff (fingers crossed). Otherwise I might have to have him do it for us. (sigh)

We're also sending Marilyn's Dell laptop that went belly up home with Donn. He's fixed laptops in the past, so he might be able to fix it. If not, she happily has the new one, so no worries.

We need that new router from Kris, but I somehow doubt he has it, yet. (Knowing Kris pretty well, I bet not.) I need to find out if he can come work on the new computers next week. I haven't been in touch with him, with Marilyn down sick with the flu.

Well, that's it for now. It's cold here, but I did get my spigots covered (front and back), a new light bulb for the front porch and fed and watered the birds. It was cold out there, so I was glad I did it before it got dark! (brr)

Marilyn and I watched "Zombieland" and enjoyed it. But we were annoyed by "The Walking Dead" last night. I hope next week's episode isn't as annoying...

Yeah, I know. WHERE are those rain icons I created? And why haven't I finished any for Thanksgiving? I'm so BAD at icons this year. (sigh) I want to make more and share them. I just don't seem to have the energy to get to it...

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