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Buzz On? Yes. It's Lovely...

I may have mentioned before that I'm a light-weight when it comes to drinking. (smile)

Generally when Marilyn and I are going to have a drink, we split a beer and call that good. (Not always true, though. Back in the day I could drink strong men under the table...) We drink rarely, but usually enjoy it very much when we do.

Anyway, we had bacon and tomato sands to eat when we got back from the car wash and grocery store -- and I had a Chelada (beer and clamoto in a can). I now have a lovely buzz on. Nothing big, just a sort of pleasant feeling.

Marilyn is feeling much better today. She's not only up, but dressed and able to go outside. We took the car to get is washed and then picked up a few groceries we really needed from Freddies. We'd originally planned to go to Starbucks (at one point planning to meet sister Sue), but we dumped that idea.


It's CRAZY out there today! We tried the Starbucks near Sue's house, but it was so packed and hot inside that we decided to skip it. (Sue couldn't meet us anyway, so no big deal.) Next we decided a clean car was important -- and that was a 45 minute wait, because everyone else had the same idea!

We didn't even end up getting Starbucks at Fred Meyer, because of the huge line. I offered to put on a pot of coffee the minute we got home, which I did.

Traffic today was crazy and the crowds were crazy. I guess it's a prelude of Christmas season shopping. The nation needs this boost for the economy, so I'll try not to whine too much. (smile)

This coming week we'll make our annual trip to Hump's Restaurant (in Clatskanie, Oregon). (Sorry in advance -- their website seriously SUCKS.) We almost always go there for lunch and pie at some point right before Thanksgiving. This is a tradition we really enjoy. (Total aside: For those of you who remember our cat Kittie Scarlett, she came from Clatskanie...)

Last year Sue went with us -- and we all took our laptops along! (They have free WiFi.) We're hoping Sue can join us again this year, too.

I assume at some point on Wednesday we'll go out to Amalfi's to get our Thanksgiving pizza -- and maybe have a beer in their really nice bar. I still can't believe their website (which was really nice) has gone down. I wonder what the story is?

I do have some work to tackle, so I'll probably get to it now. I did make some icons yesterday, so I might be posting a few soon.

Marilyn still isn't 100%, so I'm hoping she'll continue to take it a little easy. But it's GREAT to see her feeling better! I'm so glad.

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