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Marilyn's Still Sick...

Marilyn is still sick. I feel so sorry for her. She's not able to sleep all that well. She's restless and having body aches and is generally miserable, poor thing.

It doesn't help that she's got work weighing on her. She knows we need to go in this weekend, if she's up to it, to get things done before we take Thanksgiving Week off (as we almost always do). She seems sure she'll be going to work tomorrow, but I find that one hard to believe...

Okay, I can hear the shower running downstairs, suddenly! That means she's up and washing her hair (!!!), actually planning to go to work in the morning. (sigh) She's one tough person, there's no doubt about it.

We had to miss the midnight showing of "Harry Potter," which really sucks. We both love midnight movies -- and had been waiting for this one to come out, of course.

Don't know if we'll find time to see it this weekend, considering, but we can always go next week, so no worries, really.

I think I'd better go check on her. I don't much like her being in the shower when she's been sick. She could get dizzy or something, and take a fall...

Tags: 2010, harry-potter, marilyn, marilyn-sick, midnight-movie, november-2010, work

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