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A Warning For Community Maintainers/Moderators AND Community Members!!!

Over the past few days one of my friends (rebelsheart) has noticed the following:

A group of spambots is going through and joining every community they can (within a certain range of the alphabet). At some point after that, they post an entry titled RUSSIAN WOMAN -- this entry contains a single linked image that my friend advises against clicking.

If you're the maintainer/moderator of a community where one of these is posted, you should edit the entry and click: DELETE AND MARK AS SPAM

If you're someone other than a maintainer/moderator, you can report the spambot in one of two ways:

1) If you have the contextual hover menu enabled, hover over the user icon for the bot and click REPORT A BOT

2) If you have the hover menu turned off, USE THIS HANDY FORM

If you're going to be out of town for a few days (as many are right now), you might want to consider changing the MEMBERSHIP AND POSTING SETTINGS of your community while you're gone.

Please feel free to LINK THIS entry -- or COPY the contents in your own blog and help spread the word! Thanks!

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