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Errands. Some Are Done...

Mondays seem to end up being our days to run errands this time of year, and heaven knows we have lots of them to do. Happily, it's not pouring down rain today. In fact, it's pretty mild today.

We stopped by sister Sue's house, so I could change some computer settings for her. We didn't stay long, but I fixed two things that I knew were bothering her.

I just went out to stick the oil (another necessary errand), and we're good for now (and probably for the next month, too). I guess I should go back and see when we last ordered oil...

Marilyn and I got our nails done (fills, so I'm still stuck with the gold tips for now). We'll need pedicures next week, probably.

We also took my electronic item back to Costco, so that's done. It was weighing on me, so I'm glad!

We need to go to WalMart and/or Freddies -- hopefully tonight. We've got no soda pop in the house, which is a huge pain!

I'm weirdly chilled since getting back, and just want to snuggle up with my Kindle and read. It was warm enough to go without a jacket, so being chilled really makes no sense.

Marilyn and I watched "The Walking Dead" last night (as I mentioned), then also watched the movie "28 Days Later" (from 2002) -- which we'd never seen before (though we have seen the sequel, "28 Weeks Later," from 2007, which featured Jeremy Renner as Sergeant Doyle). It was an interesting movie, and surprised me by actually having a few characters alive at the end. I wasn't surprised to read that originally there was a plan to kill off a central character who survived, as that seems to be common with all zombie-type movies... (I'll have to be sure to tell Marilyn.)

I love my Kindle! I got it a week ago tomorrow, and I've already finished reading two books using it. (Plus I'm into a couple of others, as well.) The books are "Almost Heaven" and "Saint Training" -- and I enjoyed both immensely.

I have to say, reading on a Kindle is sooooo easy! It does speed things up for me, I have to admit. (And I'm not exactly a slow reader normally, so...)

My Kindle may be the best thing I've bought in years!

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