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Outside My Kitchen Window -- Cats Watch It All... (Me, Too!)

Marilyn had her PSSCA Board Retreat today -- which started at 1:00 and ran to 5:00. (Not many people I know would work until 8:00 almost every night during the week -- and 10:30 Friday night -- and then give up half a day for yet another meeting. But Marilyn is pretty amazing. There's just no doubt about that fact!)

She had a peanut butter bun to tide her through the day until she got home. I didn't have dinner waiting for her (my bad), even though we had leftovers to heat up. So she had a few snacks and headed for a nap, not having slept well last night.

It's been rainy and COLD here today -- a perfect time to be snuggled up in blankets somewhere! So I guess it makes sense that we both were happy to nap.

I set up a NEW feeding area for my crows, at Marilyn's suggestion. It's under our big tree near the garage -- which is quite a shelter from the elements. It's hard for rain to penetrate, so Marilyn made note how my crows were under there recently -- and I'm giving it a try.

The other benefit is that the window closest to it doesn't have a storm window (never has) -- and there's a small bench right under it. This means I can 'crack' the mini-blinds and the cats can sit there to look out. (Plus I can finally take PHOTOS of my crows!!! Before there's was no easy way to do this...) The down side, it seems, is that the squirrels are taking big advantage of that tree, where they can run right down and enjoy most of the food. I don't mind other creatures sharing the bounty, but as my MAIN goal is to feed my crows, it's a bit annoying. (sigh)

Before my photo share, I'll mention that Marilyn told me several flattering things about the new website I've been working on -- things she heard today and at some previous time. I guess Jason has been sharing it around town, interestingly enough -- and people have been impressed. (Jason's involved with numerous Japanese groups, so they're all interested.) I'm both humbled and flattered -- and glad that the site doesn't disappoint. It's nothing all that fancy, to be honest. But I think it will do the job nicely for the group. The weird thing is that it's not finished yet, even though we launched it this past week. (It's still full of Lorem ipsum text.) We didn't have the hosting activated until mid-week, so... But it's a nice design, and an improvement over what they had before.

Marilyn did a GREAT job setting up the PSSCA Facebook page. And I set up their Twitter and YouTube. I Tweeted a couple of times and got one video up at the YouTube. But in spite of spending AGES on a second video (!!!), it ended up being too long to display. (sigh) I guess I'll have to try and edit it or something. Or just let it go. I wish they had more video, because that's the whole point of having a YouTube, after all! Anyway, that's what I did (aside from read) while Marilyn was gone. I read to keep from being bored during lengthy FTP downloads, and YouTube uploads and processing...

Time for a photo share!

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

2010 November - crows

As you can see, these photos tell the tale! The crows don't get much time at the food tray, I'm afraid. I need to figure out what would help them get more -- and those fat squirrels (can you say fuzzy rodents?) a little less!

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