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Roosevelt High School? I'm an Alum!

Marilyn, sister Sue and I all went to the same high school here in Portland -- Roosevelt. In fact, our dad went there, as well. (Along with lots of other relatives and friends.)

Recently I've been in touch with Mike, who is the Alumni President. I asked about the group's website (there isn't one), and naturally he needs someone to design a site and help maintain it.

He phoned this morning to talk about it. What does he need, exactly? A webmaster, he said. And naturally I'm considering the position. (smile)

(Because I don't have enough work at the festival and with the PSSCA website, I guess... heh...)

Actually, I offered my services for free (as always) -- and think it would be another very simple site that required little of my time.

He also needs to set up a Communications Plan -- so naturally he wants to huddle with Marilyn, who is probably one of the best Communications Experts in the business!

And he also wants sister Sue in the mix. One of his personal goals is to gather Roosevelt success stories -- and I have a hunch he sees the three of us among these. (smile) You know, it's both humbling and flattering to know someone consider you a success -- and a potential example for others. Wow.

I loved talking to him. He's passionate about Roosevelt -- as I am -- so it was one of those like-minded conversations. I'm gathering a few potential meeting dates for the four of us to sit down and talk.

Roosevelt gets a lot of bad/negative press. Mike wants to try and re-brand the school and point to the positive things that make so many of us proud that we attended and were educated there.

This is no small task. It's a high school in a poor part of town. We always say we live 'out in the Hood' -- and joke about the area where we live and went to school. There are people in town who don't like to come out here -- but that's probably the topic of another entry...

Anyway, though we don't have all that much free time right now, I think the three sisters are all excited to join Mike in promoting and supporting Roosevelt!

And it could also turn out to be a fun thing to do!

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