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Household Hint - Cleaning Baking Dishes, Pots and Pans...

Here's something useful (and a bit clever) when doing the dishes...

Sometimes I don't end up with room in the dishwasher for large/larger baking dishes or pots and pans. While I don't mind washing these by hand, food is often baked on so hard that these dishes are difficult to scrub clean.

The answer?

Put the dirty dish in your sink. (NOTE: If it's too large to lie flat in the sink, you could sit it flat on the counter, or even inside some kind of water-proof bin on the kitchen floor.)

Pour a little bit of dishwasher liquid -- specifically the type you use in a dishwasher -- in the bottom of the dirty dish.

Run very hot tap water into the dish. I like to use my hose to do this, but you could even pour the hot water from some container. You want the dishwasher liquid to dissolve. (In my case, the gel-like product I use mixes with the water and turns it blue.)

Let the container sit and soak. Walk away and let it do its thing! (smile)

NOTE: Don't ever leave this where a child or pet could get to it! You don't want to end up poisoning them.

After some time has passed, go back and pour the watery contents down the drain. Then rinse with very hot tap water (I like to use my hose).

I find this won't take off everything -- and you'll still probably need to use something (sponge, cloth) to scrub the dish. But it's going to make the final task a lot easier to do!!!

And that's my helpful household hint! (grin)

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