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Facebook ML? (FBML) Cool!

My latest task was to create a 'Home' page for the festival's official Facebook Page. Until yesterday, I didn't even know it was possible to do this! Dan brought it up to Laura in our meeting.

Facebook Markup Language (FBML) is Facebook's version of HTML.

This basically means that you can create a 'page' that will appear in your tabs -- and you can code it with FBML -- which mostly means writing a one-column page in HTML.

I guess at some point you could use HTML (FBML???) in the left-hand side area, but they no longer allow that. And I can't totally say I didn't know you could code out some parts of Facebook, because I have run into customized pages before. I just didn't know how it was done!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love to code? I do!!! And aside from the same-old-same-old with the festival website, there are always new coding challenges! (By the way, that includes on the festival website, which is never static...)

Coding each website is different. Coding eNewsletters is different. Coding for social media sites (like Facebook and LiveJournal) is different. It sure keeps me busy reasoning out these differences. (grin)

I spend more and more time at Facebook, by the way -- which really doesn't take much TIME. (Where I've slacked is with Twitter, I'm afraid...)

I'm glad I got into other aspects of Social Media, aside from blogging (always number one with me). It's fascinating, helps keep me informed and connected and on my toes!

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