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Wednesday. Busy. Really! Busy.

First off, my friend Becky beckyo needs all the prayers we can send her way. Her husband is terribly ill. Thanks in advance for your positive thoughts and/or prayers.

Breakfast with sister Sue this morning at Elmer's. (Avoid opening their menu PDFs, people! They don't know how to make these a reasonable size, so they could crash your computer... Just sayin'...)

Costco after that -- we both really need to go, as it's been AGES!

Hauling all that heavy stuff in the house and unpacking it. (sigh)

Tired from being up with Marilyn until 4:00 a.m. -- and not getting to bed until 4:30. But I didn't nap today -- I was too busy.

Found a cool interview with my beloved art teacher, Gertrude Schoeler today! I hope to combine that with some of her scanned art some day to make a tribute to her. (She died in 1998.)

Worked on a number of things for the festival website. I STILL have more to do, but that's pretty much constant, anyway...

Talked with Rich about DVDs and so on. That copying situation is on-going and still not resolved. I hope Mark and/or Ross will be able to help us with that, as they said they could.

Did the garbage and recycling in the afternoon, avoiding doing it after dark and in the COLD. (It's bitter here!) But I guess the guy (guys?) DID get the issue fixed at the office, so there was heat today! (woo hoo)

Marilyn didn't get home from work until 8:00 tonight (!!!). And she had frost on her car when she went to leave work!

Spaghetti Pie from our niece Candy (Sue drove it over) for dinner tonight! A great surprise and a wonderful treat. Marilyn and I literally couldn't quit eating it.

Got a call from neighbor (and friend) June, so went over to help her with her computer. I was there for more than an hour, and almost in despair that I couldn't fix it. But I kept at it and finally resolved her issue! Go, me. Seriously, I've learned more and more with my job as IT Manager -- and I applied a bunch of that this evening. At one point I was certain we'd have to get Donn in the mix, but happily not. This was mostly (but not entirely) a software issue, which is my strong suit, I admit.

I need to go over again and fix some other minor things for her, but at least she can use her important document again. (Part of me can't believe it worked out... grin...)

The new portable DVD player that I've wanted since 2001? It sucks. I'm going to return it. I was disappointed, but it couldn't get me too down, with my Kindle here to cheer me! (smile) If this model is an example of how they all work, then I want to pay a lot less for one. (Okay, you know me. I didn't pay a fortune for this one. But come on!)

Still playing with my Kindle, though not that much today, as I was too busy...

No, I didn't get my hair colored. Too tired to try -- and I didn't have the time, anyway. But I did do a load of dishes! Good thing, as I have another load waiting to be done (!!!).

Busy day facing me tomorrow at the office, so I need a nap. I don't operate at all well on only a few hours. So that's it for today!

I hope LiveJournal's maintenance that's taking place tonight goes well! (fingers crossed) I hate it when LJ is offline...

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