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Outside My Kitchen Window? Not Just Crows.

It's raining out and a generally miserable day. And I don't feel well (the headache from hell, after a fitful night full of nightmares). But whatever.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I can only really see my crow-feeding tray from the kitchen window. There's no other window in the house that looks out just right and avoids our front bushes. And, yeah, it's important to me to see the crows feeding! (smile)

I had some slightly moldy bread to take out this morning -- to join the tray of stale crackers and potato chips from yesterday. I went to take the bag of torn up pieces out the door, first glancing out the window.

And there was a male seagull out there, doing a dance with two of my crows! A big guy, about twice the size of the crows -- and wanting the treats and water really bad.

(Oh, that reminds me. I kept hearing from adults with the trick or treating kids on Halloween what a GREAT idea it was to provide snacks and WATER for dogs in my front yard! "Why didn't we ever think of that?" and "We could have brought along our dog -- and he'd have had a place to drink!" They were mildly disappointed when I told them the real reason, but still undaunted for their dogs and what they could do at their own homes. Good for them, anyway!)

So with bread in hand, I opened the front door and dashed quickly out and back, having added the crumbs to the tray. Then I went back to the window to watch. The birds flew off when I went out, but were soon back doing their dance to the tray, carefully watching each other. My crows were actually braver than the seagull, but after all, they know this routine!

Crows got bites, but when Mr. Seagull got up to bat, his two gulps took TONS! So I actually moved behind the blinds, scaring him off. "Don't let him get it all," I said to my crows, who were soon back. They're less afraid of me, I guess. According to the show on crows (which I MISSED, more's the pity), they have face recognition!!! So they probably know me when they see me out there (the crazy crow-feeding lady).

At last view, a squirrel was doing better than either my crows or their guest the seagull. And the rain wasn't stopping any of them, though passing cars were annoying them.

I only wish I didn't have a screen on the outside of my kitchen window, so I could get decent PHOTOS to share!!!

This reminds me: I had a discussion recently with Marilyn about crows and scarecrows. I mean, crows are SMART, people! Do we really believe a scarecrow will keep them away from a field? I find that hard to buy. Yes, they're damn careful birds -- again, because they're smart. Scarecrows? I don't think the one from "The Wizard of Oz" was a loser, because I just can't see any of them doing any better... (grin)

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