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Making Icons? Yeah, a Few!

I love to make icons (userpics) -- which is no surprise to anyone who knows me at all. (smile) I used to make them all the time, but doing other graphics (for work) doesn't give me much time for this hobby anymore... (sigh) But I just tried a new icon effect, and I want to share the two icons I made...

Here they are!

Charlie glow icon

Marilyn glow icon

The photo of me wasn't a really good one, but the hair was being whipped around in the wind, which really lends itself to this effect. It's a sort of dreamy-glow thing, with interesting coloration (as you can see in both icons).

Anyway, these were fun to make. I need to decide if I'm adding text or what -- in fact, if I'm using them (or Marilyn is).

I like to keep my hand in icon making. After all, doing this is part of what made me effective in doing my professional graphics, so it's more than just the hobby aspect and the fun! It has a practical side, as well...

Work at the office tomorrow, with more than one meeting, a bunch of IT and some website stuff, too. Busy, busy!

Marilyn's current fanfic is FASCINATING. It's for a contest, so I can't say more at this point. There's nothing to link, anyway. But I'll share more about it later on. The amount of RESEARCH she does for these is incredible. Most people don't do this much research for term papers, I kid you not! I love how dedicated she is to finding out historical facts and staying as close to reality as possible (even when writing in the Twilight world). I can't wait to read the final product. So far she shared a very basic verbal outline...

Sister Sue is still sick. She says she's better, but she sounded AWFUL when I spoke with her today. She had a good time at her cribbage tournament, in spite of an upset with one of her friends. I hope she's much better before Wednesday, because we're supposed to be going to Costco. (I won't do that if she's still bad, though. She needs to REST -- and I need to avoid exposure to any additional germs.)

Well, if I stop now, maybe I can make a few more icons!

Tags: 2010, art, cribbage, fanfic, icons, marilyn, november-2010, photo-share, research, sister-sue, twilight, writing

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