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Sunday? Zuma and Work. And More Zuma. (smile)

You know what? It was COLD today! (brr) This was more like a true autumn day...

Marilyn fixed the clocks downstairs, and I did the two in our office, the clocks in the kitchen and the two in the living room. (The one on the wall in the office is a bitch to do, but it's done!)

We slept in today (yes!!!), and then played Zuma, watched TV and basically goofed off for the morning and early afternoon.

Then we went to the office and worked for a few hours -- a good thing. The cleaning people were there, which is annoying and distracting, but they don't stick around for long. (And they do a pretty crappy job, actually! The guy barely vacuumed ANY of the upstairs area -- !!! -- and I saw him mixing the recycling in with the GARBAGE. WTF???)

After we finished up at the office (wow, it was REALLY COLD in Marilyn's office!!!), we stopped briefly at Freddies to pick up some quick groceries (milk, bread, crackers, butter), then got fast food and came home to eat. After eating, we played more Zuma and did some stuff online. And then saw some TV (as I related earlier). At the moment we've got "Batman" on (the old TV series from when we were kids). Marilyn's playing Zuma beside me while I type this...

When we got home, Henry was eating from his dish in the kitchen with his rope WRAPPED AROUND HIM!!! I've never seen that before, so I have to wonder how he managed to do it (???). That must have been one wild rope-a-dope session (Henry's version of sex, for those who don't know)...

Well, I made a pot of coffee and we're going to eat the last two donuts and have a cup! And then I'll join Marilyn playing Zuma, I think.

We have errands to get done tomorrow...

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